Gem Crafting Station: NEW Slag recipes coming soon!

Have you been wondering what to do with all your SLAG? Soon you’ll be able to craft cool items with slag at the gem crafting station. Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for the new slag recipes, coming soon!

If you’ve never visited the gem crafting station, here’s a little introduction:
The Gem Crafting Station is in the Curio Shop, beside The Mines. Click on the Gem Crafting Station to start crafting gem recipes. Use your gem collection to craft these beautiful items.

Tip: If you’re collecting gems for a specific recipe, visit the gem crafting station before visiting the mines so that you know which gems you’re looking for.
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16 Responses to Gem Crafting Station: NEW Slag recipes coming soon!

  1. sweetiepiesix says:

    I tried to craft with the slag recipes and it would not let we “craft”. I loaded all the necessary ingredients and nothing. Help!

  2. young797 says:

    oh also, I sparked a tabby cat, said original, looked original but it turned out to be new one with totally different color and everything, i’m wondering if all my tabby cats are that way.

  3. young797 says:

    This will be great for extra gems and slag. Sally I have not seen a rare item in days, I usually catch it, now I find nothing. Is ganz holing back because of flower???

  4. Beckinz8 says:

    Hi! Thanks for the good news for Next players. As the Ganz team is crafting those recipes for slag, can they also find a use for all of the hardwood that we are collecting from the maple tree that we won in the Home Away from Home challenge? It’s just a tiny bit frustrating when things begin to pile up in your dock and you can’t really do anything with them (besides the one recipe we have for wooden beams and the recipes that require those. If I could have a side business producing muskoka chairs and resell those to the Wshop for a hefty sum, it would be worth it. I will have to try selling one and see how much KC I can get). Being able to sell the slag and hardwood as raw materials would be super awesome, and I have tried!

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Does your tip in the article above mean that there is some way to guide the gem finding process that I am missing? Or do you just mean that if you do happen to find a couple of gems, you will know which one to keep based on what you want to craft? I am still looking for the elusive Royal Ruby on my main account in my quest for the Crown of Wonder so that is taking priority. I figured 5 of all the other gems is a good round number, and after that I will sell to Amanda, unless she makes a really low offer, in which case I will just keep the gems until she is in a more generous mood.

      • finnek says:

        Hi Beckinz8! Not sure if this will help, but the gems that (so far) are not used to craft anything on the Gem Workbench are: Hopeful Diamond, Cerulean Star, Enchanted Emerald, Jade Jewel, Honed Honey, Fire Fossil, & Crimson Carat. For the others, you need between 1 & 5 total to craft all of the current projects. The ones requiring 4 or more are Serpentine Spiral, Candy Carnelian, & Gumdrop Garnet. Happy hunting!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      We’ll definitely be adding more and more recipes as time goes on.

  5. fancyduck58 says:

    Yes, yes I HAVE been wondering what to do with all the slag I’ve collected haha! I’m really looking forward to this- thanks!!! :)

  6. kaye10 says:

    so cool–they read my ideas! can’t wait …. best, k.

  7. Fedorovgirl says:

    Yay! Really looking forward to using some of the Slag pieces in my dock :)

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