Visit Town Hall – ONLY on Webkinz Newz!


Mayor Quack’s got a full schedule in Webkinz Classic this week! He’ll be in Kinzville Park greeting citizens, and working away at the Caring Clinic in the Clubhouse. With so much on his schedule he realized how easy it is for a pet to start feeling run down, so he added ANOTHER event to his busy week! He’ll be handing out his Miracle Tonics at his office in Town Hall!



Stop by and see him in his office at Town Hall right here on Webkinz Newz every day from November 15 to 21.


Here’s how it works

- Come back to THIS page on Webkinz Newz every day

- Click on Dr. Quack in the image at the top of THIS page

- a bottle of Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic will be sent back to your Webkinz Classic account


Want to know more about the replenishing power of Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic? When used in combination with the farm fresh food grown in your yard, it creates 1 of 3 super foods that will have a miraculous effect on your pets! Each one of these super smoothies will instantly restore your pet’s Happiness, Hunger, and Energy!


Just take this tonic, together with your harvested farm fresh foods, and combine them in a blender in Webkinz Classic using one of these recipes:







12 Responses to Visit Town Hall – ONLY on Webkinz Newz!

  1. duff428 says:

    Thanks for all the Mayor Quack events this past week.

  2. Sollace says:

    When I first saw this tonic in the farm fresh recipe book, I thought it’d be for sale in the W-Shop, especially the food section. Nope. I thought it might be a recipe itself. Nope. Then I come here on 11/20 and see it expires here tomorrow. Disappointed.

  3. Katz1259 says:

    Don’t forget to visit Dr. Quack at the Town Hall to get some of his tonic! It will be gone again before you know it!! I too that we could send it via KinzPost or even better, put it in the W shop under food to buy with KinzCash! In the meantime, make sure you get as much as you can for free, while you can!!

  4. SamDean says:

    I forget to do this because it’s so far down the Newz list now. :(

  5. KarenaJ says:

    Yes, Miracle Tonic is back!! Can’t wait to make some smoothies. I used to keep some handy in case my pets saw a ghost or got tired from being ignored by me while I was at Adventure Park or decorating LOL

  6. mfaull says:

    This is great!

  7. Beckinz8 says:

    Thanks for reposting these recipes! I forgot them and the tonic was just piling up in my dock. Are the recipes in one of the new cookbooks, and if so, which one? As @bonesbongo mentioned above, I would love to be able to bless other players with my excess tonic if we could be allowed to send it as a gift. I promise to use extra bubble wrap to keep the bottles from breaking during shipping!

    • string says:

      Hey Beckinz8, Off the top of my head, I think the recipes are in the Farm Fresh(?) cookbook. I tried to send the tonic & a drink to a friend, No can do, bummer. But thanks for thinking about x-tra bubble wrap!!! LOL Great touch :)

  8. bonesbongo says:

    Thank you for the Miracle Tonic. I really need this on my newer accounts I don’t have any. I wish the Miracle Tonic could be sent through the KinzPost. ;} shelkinz67

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