Gem Crafting!


Do you have a ton of slag? Extra gems just hanging around? Try visiting the Gem Crafting Table in the Curio Shop!



Click on the Gem Crafting Table to get started. There are several recipes that use specific gems and quite a bit of slag. How many can you make?



Which of these items have you crafted?



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2 Responses to Gem Crafting!

  1. marroncream says:

    I havent even gotten the crown yet! Just waiting on my last red gem

  2. webkinzwizard02 says:

    I have crafted everything on the table but I have to say my favorites are the ones made with slag, especially the wrought iron wall sconces. I get so excited when I get slag in the mines because the sconces, plus the wrought iron flowers and the iron and glass vase are so pretty plus they’re versatile for lots of different styles of rooms!

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