Get Ready to Shout BINGOZ!

A new daily activity is coming to Webkinz Next!

Zingoz Bingoz is coming to Webkinz Next! You’ll find Zingoz Bingoz in the Arcade after the next update.

Play each of the three boards each day until you can shout BINGOZ! Your board only resets when you win. How long do you think it will take for you to shout BINGOZ?
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23 Responses to Get Ready to Shout BINGOZ!

  1. muddyweek says:

    webkinz classic bingo i like bingo but the chances of winning are so small need to have tickets on wheel of wow and webkinz deluxe or have more bingo balls

  2. SugarP says:

    I’m sure lots of people have already asked this before but will we ever be able to delete rooms or change the size and type of rooms (from like ocean to treetop or treetop to indoors.) I think it would help people a lot (as well as being able to fix typos in our animals’ names.)

  3. kaye10 says:

    ok people, lol i am logging on here to offer some encouragement… i used to play this in classic & won quite a few times, so i would recommend keep trying (just have to remember to play it ;) i love the sound of the cage tossing those tiny balls around :) well, gl to you and to us all in Next! best, k.

  4. crystalfawns53 says:

    As someone who has never won a single time on this game in Classic, I am glad that this will be an individual event and we will not be competiting against other people. The closest I have ever gotten was getting one spot away from shouting Bingoz. Knowing my luck though, I think it’ll probably take me around a month to shout Bingoz, but at least we have the time to get Bingoz on our own time. Speaking of which, what prizes will we win once we shout Bingoz? Will it just be kinzcash like in Classic or will there be prizes exclusive to this game?

  5. bubbac4 says:

    Love this game

  6. booreeves says:

    Awesome I love playing Bingo and I can’t wait for it.

  7. rockruffian says:

    I’m so excited! Thanks so much for making it so everyone can win easier in this version!!! I wonder what the prizes will look like!?

  8. grandmaback says:

    In classic I don’t play this game because the chance of winning is so small. Sounds like you’ve created an incentive to play. What is the prize?

  9. EmeraldAutumnWish says:

    Wow, I never expected Bingoz to be added to Next, but I’m certainly excited! I’ve never won Bingoz on Classic, due to the multiplayer aspect, so making it singleplayer on Next was a good decision. Looking forward to this!

    • kalcan8 says:

      Great points and I completely agree! I am actually excited to try this. I stopped playing Bingoz on Classic about a year ago, because I figured what’s the point. I hadn’t won in 9 years, it’s time to hang it up and move on. But I am willing to give the Next version a whirl.

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