Get to know your BFFs – Sally!


We’re still getting to know more about our BFFs and today we want to learn all about our sssensssational BFF, Sally Webkinz! Find fun facts about Sally in Webkinz Classic below, and if you haven’t listened to our Podkinz Mini: BFF Challenge Next Edition yet, check it out to learn more about how Sally plays in Next!


Favourite game:
Cash Cow 2

Favourite pet:
Signature Calico Cat


Favorite room in the Clubhouse:
Daisy’s Diner


Favorite section in the Magical Forest:
Pixie Pod Pachinko


Favorite job at the Employment Agency:
Ms. Birdy’s Assistant


Favorite Kinztune:
Where Did You Get Those Stripes?


Which host do you most closely identify with?
Ms. Cowoline


What is the first thing you do when you log into Webkinz each day?
Check the friend center


Which is your best class at the Academy?


Have you ever won the Crown of Wonder? If yes, how many?
Yes, 1. I save the rest of my gems for Doug


What was the last thing you wished for at the Wish Factory?
Peridot Geode

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  1. Kimmiesan45 says:

    I LOVE the Kinztune “Where did You Get those Stripes?”! The music is fun and the lyrics are cat-chy!! So fun!!

  2. Dr Quack Fan says:

    What is your favorite thing about Webkinz? What is your job?

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