Get Your Printable Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day Calendar!

The Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day Calendar is here, and the countdown starts on March 11!


Print out this special calendar and every day between March 11, 2019 and March 17, 2019 enter the code on that day’s shamrock in the Code Shop on Each code awards a Lucky Gift Box that you can drag into your pet’s room to earn a collectible Lucky Coin!


Each code is valid for one day only so be sure to enter the code on the corresponding day!


Click here or click on the image below to download the printable calendar!



You can also find all the codes below:

March 11: W24K-V7EF-T6AD-33M8

March 12: W24J-K9RJ-TB34-TN58

March 13: W242-HG7Y-CHZ9-JELU

March 14: W247-H9F5-YUYK-6VU8

March 15: W24G-DUE2-DHXH-C26L

March 16: W24S-7C48-DC35-Y3MC

March 17: W246-WGGF-6SM6-H74W

27 Responses to Get Your Printable Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day Calendar!

  1. itmustbenice says:

    Tried all 3 accounts and it says code was already used. Please fix this and let us know what to do.. Thanks

  2. leorasg22 says:

    Ya me too. I only got 1 prize out of all of them.

  3. fans44 says:

    Codes not working, should give all of us the days we missed, please.

  4. Furbyamy says:

    I keep having problems with it saying the code has been used for Today Saturday, March 16

  5. Anathema says:

    Okay, today’s code is coming up as entered already. Had this happen on three accounts so far, can someone look into fixing this? Thanks.

  6. fans44 says:

    I have been ill and not able to open codes until today. Can you send me the days I missed?

  7. gmatiny says:

    THIS MIGHT HELP ! I CLICKED on the map itself on my screen and it ENLARGED the MAP !! The codes are on the main page typed TO HELP ! But if making the MAP BIGGER helps you see the letters and numbers GO FOR IT !! ALL are eyes see differently just thought this might help !! SO SCROLL UP TO MAP and CLICK !! Can’t hurt might help ;)

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