Go Go Gamer Clothing

Collect these winning fashions!


Go Go Gamer features six clothing items that you can’t get anywhere else!

Play for free and collect three gaming wardrobe staples: Gamer Headphones, a VR Headset and the Gamer Jacket.

And, if you want to collect three awesome pieces that you cannot get anywhere else: Gamer Hoody Dress, Go Go Gamer Helmet and Gamer Gear.
The Season Pass can be purchased at any point in the Season for as low as $6.99 USD.
Check out Go Go Gamer in Webkinz Next for an entire Season of gaming-themed rewards, on until April 28. Don’t miss it!

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



9 Responses to Go Go Gamer Clothing

  1. KSC says:

    My gamer pets are loving this season. They have a whole house that is a gaming studio and hangout. The season prizes have been great for decorating it.

  2. grandmaback says:

    while the designs are mostly pretty cool some designer is into purple long dresses/coats. There have been a couple in seasons so far. I’m very happy with the free prizes and will wait for a season I like better to buy. (-:

  3. lemony says:

    Such a fun season. Thank you.

  4. kalcan8 says:

    I’ve been wanting to say this for a while, and I don’t know where to put it so hopefully someone from the team will pass this along to the right people. I want to commend the Ganz artists for their great work with the art and animation in Next. Specifically, I love the way that you have been able to include and even animate shadows. I was playing with my pet on the Floral Tree Swing and I could just sit and watch that over and over (it never gets old!) and marvel at the skill that it must have taken to show the shadow of my pet swinging. Maybe it’s actually not difficult, but don’t tell me. Just let me enjoy the magic of thinking you guys are superheroes. :-D

  5. blackball says:

    Sorry, not a fan of this season at all. I play a lot and yet to see anyone wear these items. Hope next season is better.

  6. kalcan8 says:

    Hi Ganz team! Can we please see a pet modeling the clothing pieces? (particularly the Season Pass items) Thank you!

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