New Spring Clothing Line Available Now!

Have you checked out the new clothes at the KinzStyle Outlet yet? This color palette is inspired by pansies and features lovely pastel purple, blue, and yellow, with some bold slate to make a statement!

Which new piece is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

20 Responses to New Spring Clothing Line Available Now!

  1. pababygirl says:

    Is anyone else having trouble seeing the new spring clothing line on the mobile app? None of the items are showing up in the Wshop. I know they don’t always include everything, but some items usually show up.

    • kitterztoo says:

      You’re correct. It’s not at all visible on the mobile app. I’m not sure why that is. I hope it’s fixed soon.

    • ogkinzplayer7 says:

      Hey guys, I’m assuming you’re both not deluxe members? If you’re not a deluxe member, the mobile app basically filters out all the items that are deluxe because you can’t buy them and you can’t buy deluxe membership on the app either. But you should be able to see the new clothing line in the “mobile zone” area of the app. It’s easier than going to the clothing section. However, during the deluxe preview week you’ll be able to see everything on the mobile app since you’d be deluxe during that time. Hope this helps. I’d be happy to send you some stuff add me at xenasunfox123

  2. noonesfriend says:

    For the first time I can remember, after years and years, I am not fond of the spring line. I like the styles of most, but the colour(s) or lack thereof, leaves much to be desired. After the winter, I am looking forward to bright and jolly – to help lift my spirits ! Those whom are full players, get no dresses or skirts nor a chance at the yellow garments. I do have some few reliable deluxe friends, whom i am sure will send me some of the articles, but I dislike needing to rely on them. I do hope that they realize that I try to gift them items to sell, as a thank you. ( HI Y’ALL N THANKS ! ) Bright and sunny, please ganz !

  3. ccutshaw says:

    I can’t figure out the clothing recipe. Can anyone send me the correct clothes? Thanks so VERY much!! ccutshaw

  4. KSC says:

    Hurray! A new hairclip! And what a beautiful one. Thank you!

  5. KelliAnn11 says:

    I love all of it! :)

  6. 09xstarlightx09 says:

    Love the flower hair clip!! ^-^

  7. rainypatricia says:

    I love the new spring clothes. I’m hoping some of my friends could please send me the recipe clothes. I have a lot of kinz cash but am not deluxe. Thank You

  8. kalcan8 says:

    To my fabulous friends who sent surprise gift boxes my way ~ THANK YOU!! Have you solved the secret recipes already and are the contents of the box the secret ingredients? I don’t want to take a chance at the clothing machine and waste these generous beautiful gifts if they are not part of the secret recipes. Hopefully you will see this post! If I don’t hear from you, I will try to check on Google for the new clothing recipes. I can’t currently buy any deluxe only pieces, but if I can’t add deluxe before the end of the month, hopefully I can pick them up during the deluxe preview week.

  9. pittiesrule says:

    I LOVE & can’t wait to get all of the clothing.

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