Great News for Room Decorators!


Starting on August 28th, room decorators will no longer have to worry about losing their old wallpaper and flooring when they redecorate! We will be making an update that will allow players to swap out their wallpaper and flooring with any other room style! This means that when you drag wallpaper and flooring into a room, instead of it being removed, the old wallpaper and flooring will instead be moved to your Dock! Also, when you add a new room you’ll notice a brand new starter look, with drywall wallpaper and plywood flooring! Be here on August 28th and get ready to decorate!

143 Responses to Great News for Room Decorators!

  1. loveofmusic101 says:

    This is a wonderful idea, Ganz! Thank you!

  2. teresaviens says:

    it is about time

  3. masmirf says:

    Is this for everyone or just Deluxe again?!?

  4. webkinzcub says:

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks so much ganz,i love u guys. o and I have 60 webkinz!!!! and I am getting more!!

  5. sweeetteeeok says:


  6. spotrocks99 says:

    awesome! Just what I needed!!! :) Thanks so much

  7. popprincess34 says:

    This is awesome :D

  8. Lilly1 says:

    This is a great idea!!! Thanks Ganz. I did not like to change a room and lose the old wallpaper, so this is great news.

  9. trexjt2013 says:

    This new feature is going to be awesome! I am so wanting to move rooms around and not lose what I currently have. I am definitely looking forward to adding more rooms as well, with this new feature. Thanks Webkinz.

  10. towey says:

    This is the best update yet!!!! Thanks

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