Guinea Pig Owners: Count Sailboats Saturday August 9th!

We apologize to all the Webkinz Guinea Pig owners who were unable to play the Counting Sailboats game on Saturday July 5th. We will be rescheduling this game for Guinea Pig owners on Saturday August 9th. Head to Today’s Activities on the 9th to play. Good luck counting those sailboats and looking for prizes!

21 Responses to Guinea Pig Owners: Count Sailboats Saturday August 9th!

  1. oldkinzlover says:

    Just to add to my earlier post – you would gain a lot from your many fans who are collectors and loose maybe a little programming time on your part.

  2. oldkinzlover says:

    Ganz what about the tie dye puppy? You never did anything about fixing the count the sailboats for that and what if you can’t get on August 9th because of something else going on. I think you should just award it to everyone who has those pets. I know it is possible because of other programming you have used.

  3. pilarh says:

    I thought it was just me.

  4. WEBKINZFREAK51 says:

    Good I thought it was mine

  5. Lisamarie580 says:

    um does ANYBODY know wich pet is retired this week? i was on the road home from louisianna and i couldnt egt on cuz i got home around midnight my time and i just logged on and the things going on in webkinz world wasnt there…….

  6. playnowpuppy says:

    Yeah I’m glad everyone can get a second chance even tho I didn’t have this pet ;)

  7. beaubo says:

    I didn’t work for me! oh good, I hope we win a good prize!

  8. leah7bear says:

    why couldn’t you do it on July 5th?

  9. bluemorpho says:

    Yay! I wasn’t online July 5, so I missed it. Now I get to play!

  10. legodude says:

    Thanks! I thought it was just me.

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