Happy Halloween from Mayor Sophie!


Spooky Halloween from the Mayor of Kinzville!


Remember to log in to Webkinz today to have your Halloween Treat Bag added to your Dock! Drag it into your room to receive your Halloween prizes.


You’ll also be able to spin the Halloween Super Wheel! Spin the Super Wheel through Today’s Activities which can be accessed through the ‘Things To Do’ menu (web only).


Today is the final day to catch the Vampire Pop floaty-clicky flying around Webkinz World. You can also visit the Lil Wise Owl in the Park for a candy tile you can place in your pet’s room.


Plus be sure to visit the Ghost in the Reading Room in the Clubhouse! How many candies have YOU collected so far? Have you won the Grand Prize? Tell me about it in the comments below.


Be sure to log in so you don’t miss any Halloween fun!


So fab. So fun. So frightening!!!

36 Responses to Happy Halloween from Mayor Sophie!

  1. Linny113 says:

    Thanks for all the Halloween things – love them all. Halloween at WW is mighty special.

  2. flipjellybellybeanie says:

    Does anyone with multiple accounts perhaps have a spare haunted house grand prize from the clubhouse ghost? I’m only one candy away :(

    • Cloudsheeeep says:

      Hi @flipjellybellybeanie, I can send you mine. Send me a friend request if you still need one and let me know your user name here, so I don’t send it to the wrong account. ; ) My user name is Adatins.

  3. Peleschild says:

    I am sad. Tropical storm Zeta took out our onterner. It looks like it will not be back up in time to spin the superwhell.

  4. Peleschild says:

    I am sad. Tropical storm Zeta took out our internet. It doesnt look like it will be back up in time for Halloween.

  5. lovesturtles4241 says:

    Got the Haunted Castle and have gone back and collected several more candies – Thank you and Happy Halloween

  6. volleymom says:

    Unable to get the Haunted house to load to my dock.

  7. katriana says:

    I love the superwheel and think the events this month have been great! However, I think it is ridiculous that the Wheel of Wishes gives out 50 kinzcash as a prize. What a waste!

  8. mintfudge says:

    Happy Halloween everyone! Does anyone have a spare vampire panther pop? I got my last 3 today and while I completed all the challenges I need one more to make the shoes. – mintfudge

  9. ifa2 says:

    Can we get the ‘portrait of Arte’ shown above ?? Love it !!

  10. User48 says:

    Thanks for the great treats!!! Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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