Happy Summer Sensation From The Mayor!



Here is a special message from Mayor Goober:


“Summer has arrived in Kinzville, and there is so much to look forward to! I have had a lot of fun training with you at the Clubhouse and can’t wait to see you during the next Meet the Mayor event, which runs from July 8 – 16, at the Kinzville Park!


Today is a special day! Log in to Webkinz Classic to claim this year’s Summer Sensation gift: a Garden Oasis Swing, and make sure you spin the Super Wheel at Today’s Activities!


In just a few days, you will be able to start collecting Marshmallows from your Kinzville Map on the Webkinz Classic Desktop App. This year’s prizes are a blast! And, just like the Flower Collection event in May, your prizes will be sent to your linked Webkinz Next account the day after you unlock them on Webkinz Classic.


Soak up the rays, and have fun in the sun! I hope you have a sensational summer!”



19 Responses to Happy Summer Sensation From The Mayor!

  1. isnowski2 says:

    Is there a way to get this if you could not log on that day??

  2. megamom12 says:

    The new swing looks so pretty in June’s room. :)

  3. sparklealexa says:

    I really really want the Majestic Throne. I received a pedestal. Please friend me to make a trade I can’t get the trade forum to work for me.

  4. urcow says:

    I need some guidance, I sent an E to customer service over a week ago w/an issue & no response. Now the month is up & my account is “stuck” on an expire date of 19 June 2024 & no Deluxe box has arrived. I wanted to use a code instead of my auto renew. Now I’m not sure what is going on. Thanks in advance.

    • eagleship says:

      You need to go to the E-Store and click on the Deluxe Membership page. A little way down, you will see to the left a place that reads “Redeem Code.” There, you enter the code along with the username of the account you want to be Deluxe. Confirm that it is correct and you will be Deluxe when you log back into your account. In your mail on your Webkinz account, you will, also, receive a letter in your mailbox alerting you that your account if now Deluxe. Hope that helps you.

      • urcow says:

        Thanks for your reply eagleship. The problem (I think) is I am deluxe, auto renew, but I wanted to use my code, I could not find the option to cancel my subscription. But now it seems I’m stuck on my renew date & still deluxe, I have not been charged for a new year. I’m among the working & don’t get home in time to call the support center. But I think I will just cancel my subscription & see what happens. Thanks again for your help again.

  5. kalcan8 says:

    Thanks Mayor Goober! The lovely garden oasis swing makes me want to design a whole new garden. What a great way to celebrate summer!

  6. cardmaker22 says:

    Would anyone have an extra Bloom’s Amazing Tree? Sadly I got the Pedestal. My username is cardmaker22

  7. horsey45784 says:

    Happy Summer to you all!

    Re-posting here for a response to my query:

    Do I have to open all my pet adoption gift boxes to find the Superbed Gift Box?

    And does it have to be the exact 25th, 30th adoption gift box, etc. ? I’ve left many of my boxes unopened, since they look so nice in the dock!

    • caseyspacey says:

      horsey45784 You don’t have to open the boxes if you don’t want too and they do look beautiful before i open mine my boxes. Also it is with every 5th pet you get a superbed.

    • whitesheleg says:

      Hi, from what I know I’m pretty sure you get the superbed giftbox with the prizes from opening adoption gift boxes…

    • eagleship says:

      You don’t have to open all of them. You just have to open enough to either get to your 10th box the first time and then every 5th after that. Instead of the blue gift box that awards prizes, you will receive a gold colored box that will give you access to the Superbeds. I know how you feel, I, usually, leave the boxes in my dock, too, as I like looking at them, as well. But, to get to your Superbed, you have to start opening them. I really wish they would include the box in the prizes and it would be even better if they would hold items. Think they were thinking about this in the past and then all the probs with Adobe going out of service interrupted their plans. Perhaps, they will consider this again. I would, absolutely, LOVE it!!!

  8. caseyspacey says:

    I got the Majestic Throne and that was my number one pick on the Super Wheel. Still can’t believed that happened, filled with joy right now.

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