Happy Webkinz Day!


Hello everyone, and Happy Webkinz Day!


It’s been 16 years since we first launched Webkinz! I’m so excited that this year we’re celebrating Webkinz World in TWO games—Webkinz Classic AND Webkinz Next!


Webkinz Classic


When you log in to Webkinz Classic today, Thursday, April 29th, on either the desktop app or the mobile app, you will receive your 2021 Webkinz Day Gift! Drag it into your pet’s room and inside you’ll find a Webkinz Day Year 16 Trophy, a Webkinz Day Year 16 Group Print, a Webkinz Day Year 16 Cake, and a Kiwi Bird Medallion Box filled with 25 Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions!



On the Webkinz Classic desktop app, visit the Today’s Activities schedule for a spin on the Super Wheel! You can win one of the following prizes:



Make sure you visit Holly Hopper for her last day today in the Clubhouse! Instead of cupcakes, she’s giving away a poster that you can hang on your pet’s wall. When you click on it, you’ll see the recipe for combining the cupcakes into a Community Cake Slice that you can display in your pet’s room!


Check your KinzPost for a special postcard from Webkinz (postmarked from April 21st). You’ll find a code for a Party Loot Bag! Enter the code at the Code Shop (found only on the Webkinz Classic desktop app). Drag the Party Loot Bag into your pet’s room to receive some fun party prizes!




Webkinz Next


Join the Webkinz Day party outside the Kinzville Park Café! Click on the food truck to receive a slice of Webkinz Day Cake, and then click on Holly Hopper to receive your Webkinz Day Gift Box! Remember, you won’t receive these prizes on login—you must click on Holly and the food truck to get them.



Limited Time Recipe! From April 29th to May 2nd, head to your stove to craft a decorative plate of cake using the community cupcakes! They will look amazing on your kitchen table!




And don’t forget about our Webkinz Day Parade Party Community Challenge! If we gather enough pets together on both Webkinz Classic and Webkinz Next today, we’ll be giving away a code for a Webkinz Community Poster to hang on your pet’s wall! You can read more about the community challenge in our earlier Newz post here.



ALSO: We’ll also be debuting our next Webkinz plush toy TODAY! Stay tuned for the incoming announcement!


I feel so fortunate to once again be able to share in the celebrations with you as the Mayor of Kinzville! Thank you all for your support of Webkinz over the past 16 years. Here’s to many more to come!


I hope you all have a wonderful Webkinz Day!



82 Responses to Happy Webkinz Day!

  1. bhart371 says:

    What happened to the kiwi 25 medallion box? It is no longer in the dock. It is also missing from all the other accounts that I do. I did not open them yet. Does that mean we just lose the 25 medallions to adopt the pet.

  2. ngeorgianow says:

    I missed it!!! ;,(

    • ngeorgianow says:

      Oddly, the wheel of deluxe won’t let me spin it today? I’m positive I didn’t spin it yet today, and I know this was the first time I logged in today thanks to the announcement, but it said there was no event at this time then that I had already spun the wheel?? Frustrating with the challenge ending today?

    • queenie1859 says:

      same :(

  3. puppygirls404 says:

    I logged on Webkinz Classic yesterday but I didn’t have a code for a Party Loot Bag in my kinzpost. The only new thing in there was a birthday letter for one of my pets.

  4. lefty says:

    What a great Webbie Day!! So much fun, thanks again team, U R the best group of peeps. :) I guess I didn’t write down the code 4 the loot bag correct. I went 2 my mailbox for the postcard I was sent, big tears, I’m not seeing it. Any help w/this would help. Thanks all.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      It was sent on April 21 — you probably opened it already :)

    • Katz1259 says:

      Lefty did you get the code? It is a universal code, the same code is used by every player in Webkinz, so if you know another player that can give you the code that would work. I don’t know why staff has not posted it for you here. If you need it let me know and I will do my best to help you out with it.

      • lefty says:

        Hey Katz1259, Sally. Thanks 4 Ur reply. If it was the Photo, Cake & Trophy, I got them. But I was thinking it was another goodie from the team. If it’s 1 & the same, I’m ok. Silly me ;) Have a great weekend all.

        • Katz1259 says:

          Hey Lefty those things were found in the gift box, not the loot bag. Every loot bag was a little bit different. Did you try scrolling back in your KinzPost to see if you got a letter on April 21 ?? That’s when they sent it out . It will still be there whether you opened it or not so check it out!!

          • lefty says:

            Thanks much Katz1259, my reply was delayed as I was hit w/ BAD Gateway issues. Getting old :( I will go back & check my posts. Again Much Thanks

  5. Tommythepanda says:

    Of all days to forget to log in…

  6. Morninglight says:

    Happy 16th Birthday I have enjoyed growing with this family we have had a wonderful time growing and learning so much fun… looking forward to many more Thank You to the Great Webkinz staff your the best!

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