Happy Webkinz Day!


Hello everyone, and Happy Webkinz Day!


It’s been 17 years since we first launched Webkinz, and once again we’re celebrating Webkinz World in TWO games—Webkinz Classic AND Webkinz Next!


Webkinz Classic


When you log in to Webkinz Classic today, Friday, April 29th, on either the desktop app or the mobile app, you will receive your 2022 Webkinz Day Gift! Drag it into your pet’s room and inside you’ll find a Webkinz Day Year 17 Trophy, a Webkinz Day Year 17 Group Print, a Webkinz Day Year 17 Cake, and a Kiwi Bird Medallion Box filled with 25 Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions!



On the Webkinz Classic desktop app, visit the Today’s Activities schedule for a spin on the Super Wheel! You can win one of the following prizes:



Make sure you visit Holly Hopper for her last day today in the Garden Party Room of the Clubhouse! She’s giving away a Superfan Gift Box containing a random Superfan prize!




Webkinz Next


Join the Webkinz Day party outside the Kinzville Park Café! Click on the food truck to receive a slice of Webkinz Day Cake!



Click on the Messsage Center to find your 2022 Webkinz Day Gift Bag! Inside you’ll receive a 2022 Webkinz Day Trophy, some Webkinz Day Balloons, A Rocket Pop potion, and a Webkinz Day border for your avatar!



And don’t forget today is last day to complete your Webkinz Day Challenge on Webkinz Next! The recipes for the challenge will be gone after midnight, Friday, April 29th!




I feel so fortunate to once again be able to share in the celebrations with you as the Mayor of Kinzville! Thank you all for your support of Webkinz over the past 17 years. Here’s to many more to come!


I hope you all have a wonderful Webkinz Day!








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32 Responses to Happy Webkinz Day!

  1. flyinghorse3 says:

    I love webkinz. All my siblings and I have played it. It makes me feel so happy. Though I do not play nearly as much as I used to, webkinz will always be my favorite game above anything else. I still have all my old push pets! My charcoal cat, Ivy, still holds a place on my bed! Thank you webkinz for keeping up this game for so long!

  2. acatsmeow says:

    i am so sad i had to work till midnight on Friday and was very busy during the day so I unfortunately missed all the 17th anniversary goodies and fun. If you have any extra items that would be greatly appreciated if you could send them. thanks and hugs.

  3. Wingsfan65 says:

    Happy Webkinz Day, everyone! Many thanks to all my Friends who have put up with my requests for building material & other stuff this year, to my fellow Webkinz players who post here on Webkinz Newz and submit their wonderful designs for the various contests, to Mandy & Michael (and Sally & Steve) for doing those wonderful Podkinz that keep us both up-to-date and entertained :) and last but not least, to the amazing designers at Webkinz that keep coming up with such beautiful, creative virtual items for us to buy, earn and win :D

  4. punkinandsarge says:

    Happy Webkinz Day! Webkinz is so incredibly special to me and I am so thankful to have grown up with it. When I am/was in tougher times webkinz was there for me when no one else is and the community is so precious and kind. I can’t believe the 10th Webkinz Day was seven years ago! I remember waiting for the Magic W Pup to be released. I remember having so many friends on here, kinzchat plus was so busy and fun. It is charming to see how players from early on are still here seventeen years later, something a lot of games cannot do. Thank you Ganz, here’s to another year of celebration on webkinz!

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