Having Trouble Adopting a Pet?

**UPDATE (Feb. 5, 9:30AM EST) These issues should now be resolved.

**UPDATE (Feb. 4, 10:30AM EST) If you tried to adopt a pet and now cannot log in, please email webkinzsupport@ganz.com with your username and details of the issue.

**UPDATE (Feb. 3, 4:25PM EST)** If you have fewer than 650 pets, it’s now safe to adopt your pet at the Adoption Center.

Recently some players have reported not being able to adopt new pets at the Adoption Center. When an error occurs, one of the following will happen:
1) After you enter the pet’s name, you get a server error.


2) After you fail to adopt a pet, you also can’t log into your account.


3) If a bad word is attempted as a pet name, the adoption process stops but you don’t receive an error message.



It appears that these issues are only affecting accounts with a very large number (200+) of pets. If you do run into one of these issues, please don’t adopt any new pets just yet and contact Customer Service to allow access to your accounts.


Ganz is actively working on fixing these issues. We’ll post another announcement when the issues are resolved.
Thank you for your patience.


198 Responses to Having Trouble Adopting a Pet?

  1. Shrekisbestmovie says:

    I have 50 something pets, forgot the number, and I tried to enter a code for a Lil Kinz Bunny, and it was invalid. Can anyone help?

  2. chickpeaadovington says:

    This is really frustrating! I purchased a Webkinz Lamb from a store in Lake Placid last week, but someone must have used the code already without buying the pet. I sent an email to support to give them a photo of the receipt and the photo of the tag, but they just wrote back to me to say the receipt wasn’t proof enough that the pet was purchased. Can you please help me? I can send a photo of the pet, the receipt, and the tag if that would help! I think on the receipt it’s referred to as “Aurora pet” due to the maker/brand of it. But it is in fact the Webkinz Lamb plush that came out as a seasonal pet a few years ago. This is really disappointing if I can’t even use this pet since I feel like I have proved the proof of purchase. Please help!

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