Head to the Farmer’s Market on Webkinz Next!

Have you been to the Farmer’s Market yet? The Farmer’s Market is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, from 6am to 11pm KinzTime. You’ll see it as a destination on your Kinzville Map and it will also appear in Kinzville directly while it’s open.

The first time you visit the Farmer’s Market, you’ll receive a Farmer’s Plot. This will go in your home — more on this later. There are several things to do at the Farmer’s Market! There are three stands to check out, a bouncy castle and a facepainting station.


First up, let’s take a look at Will’s Pantry.

You can buy up to 3 delicious treats for your pet each day. I’m getting hungry just looking at them! Next up is the Seed Stand.

A different selection of growing foods will be available. Some of them are in the W Shop, but take a look — it’s discounted here! There are several new crops to collect, too, but you can only purchase 3 each day the Farmer’s Market is available. Now let’s go to talk to Farmer Will directly!

Farmer Will loves fresh produce, but he’s picky about what he’ll take. He’ll pay a lot more than the W Shop if you’ve got what he wants. You can sell up to 50 of the food that he’s looking for. After selling your goods, it’s time to bounce on the Bouncy Castle!

Whee! You can also head over to the Face Painting station to get a free effect applied to your pet. Right now, it’s a butterfly potion. Click on the chair to get started. It will ask you if you want to apply the potion.

Note that this will override any potion you already have applied, so you might want to wait if you’ve already used one. It will not be added to your dock.

So much fun! Now time to head home and plant my new crops in the Farmer’s Plot.

The Farmer’s Plot goes into your home’s yard and you can plant any of the “ground” crops into it. If it’s in a pot, it doesn’t go in the Farmer’s Plot. Why plant in the Farmer’s Plot? Benefits could include… more produce, longer lasting produce… or competition veggies! Hold on to those for later. In the meantime, you can display them around your house!

So what did you find at the Farmer’s Market today?

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58 Responses to Head to the Farmer’s Market on Webkinz Next!

  1. booreeves says:

    We also need another painting thing and a blueberry, banana tree and a apple tree and a pear tree or a bush, Pineapple tree, and rosemary and parsley as the season and green beans plot and there’s a melon I liked but I can’t remember the name of it oh and we need a pickle plot

  2. hudzmom36 says:

    why is there a 3limit of any thing that is purchased in the market

  3. leena14371 says:

    Hi Sally, I seem to think that the competition crops have become much more rare than when we first started with the farmer’s plot. Also, for a couple of weeks, when I try to enter crops, there is one already there and checked off. What does this mean?

  4. dolphingirl591 says:

    How can you tell or know if it is competition crop and how can you place one in your property? Thanks.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Your pet can’t eat a Competition Crop. If you check your Dock, there’s a ribbon icon — any competition crops you’ve harvested will show up there. You place it on your property by dragging it in, like any other item.

  5. mcdaddy24 says:

    How do I enter crops in competition? A certain time of the day? It never seems to show my crops as an option.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You first need to harvest a competition crop. These are special crops that can only be harvested from the Farmer’s Plot, and they’re decorative versions of the crops. If you can feed it to your pet, it’s not a competition crop.

    • booreeves says:

      For me if I see it like a food I will try to feed it to my pet and then something pops up and it tells me what is that’s what I do

  6. PRINCESS6501 says:

    Will, there be a recipes card to make more farmer plots?

  7. Margo26 says:

    Aside from getting a Farmer’s Plot the first time you visit the Farmer’s Market, is there a way to receive a second one (or get another)? I love the gardening aspect on both Classic and Next, so I would love another plot if possible!

  8. firemantotheresque says:

    I got a mega sized competition broccoli! It’s almost the same size as my monkey.

  9. slk says:

    I just opened this app after helping in the beta testing (it wasn’t my cup of tea) but now that we can send to classic of course I’m more interested. I have to ask – is there a windowed mode for this game like classic and I just can’t find it???? If not is it please possible to get it like classic?? This just turns me off the game even more. I really wish they had made it more like Webkinz Friends.

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