Help The Pineapple Turtle Come Out of its Shell in Adventure Park!


There’s a new pet in Webkinz World but it’s a little shy! We can’t think of any better way to help the Pineapple Turtle to come out of its shell, than to take it on an adventure! That’s right – this month we’re going to help the Pineapple Turtle overcome its fears by exploring Adventure Park!


This sweet little pet will surely gain courage by venturing into Adventure Park where it may come face to face with a giant, try to outwit a Dragon, and even join forces with a Pirate Ghost!


When Adventure Park first opened, players who purchased an Adventure Park Pet could embark on fun quests with their pets. These days, all the fun of Adventure Park quests is open to everyone with an Adventure Park Quest Pack, which can be purchased at Ganz eStore or in the W Shop. Drag the Adventure Quest Pack into your pet’s room to unlock a new Adventure that involves completing tasks which may include finding objects, playing games, or digging up items. When players complete the Quest, they earn an awesome prize, exclusive to Adventure Park! Players who have adopted Adventure Park series pets  also get Mini-Quests players can share with their friends!


There are also Daily Quests for Deluxe players, and they get 10 Digs a day added when they visit Adventure Park!


We’ll introduce the Pineapple Turtle to all of the adventures that Adventure Park has to offer! So be sure to follow all the adventures of the Pineapple Turtle this month as we help this shy pet come out of its shell!

34 Responses to Help The Pineapple Turtle Come Out of its Shell in Adventure Park!

  1. dueceduck says:

    for the adventure park quests…how do you get 300 points in zingoz pop? I have played numerous times but I do not complete the quest. Do you need to get exactly 300? If so, how?

  2. MaddogRocks1124 says:

    How do I get the Turtle?

  3. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Did the Miley-radish thread get deleted…?

  4. Meowme19485 says:

    I think the players day gift is not the turtle quest but another pack

  5. Alphaowlbear says:

    Dear Ganz – I think your information in the above article is incorrect. I have purchased several quest backpacks for the Estore and have never gotten a mini quest to send to a friend. The mini quests are only available if you purchase an adventure park pet – not with backpack purchase.

  6. mea91 says:

    Hi! Do you think you can rerelease the Dragon’s Den adventure backpack in the Estore for this event please? I love that adventure!

  7. GoGanz24 says:

    It says that the ” Adventure Quest Packs include Mini-Quests players can share with their friends!”. I’ve only ever gotten mini-quests to send to my friends from adopting an actual Adventure Park Pet. Is this a misprint; or should I have gotten the mini-quest with all of the adventures I’ve bought from backpacks in the eStore? Thank you for your help!

  8. cvasko says:

    WONDERING??? must I buy a turtle this month to play? Do I just go to adventure park and find the trurtle or what gives? I’m so confussed!

  9. ImaPepper says:

    Okay, so we will look for new articles here on Newz about the Pineapple Turtle’s adventures?

  10. SkipDatJustDancer says:

    I own a Mud Hippo! Also, since you can gain access to Zingoz Pop in one mini-quest, I completed last month’s deluxe challenge without being a deluxe member.

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