Home for the Holiday theme is returing with 3 new items!


The Home for the Holidays room theme is returning to the W-Shop in December with 3 new items!


Here’s a look what was available last year. The only item that was retired was the Jolly Holly Bed but everything else will be available for KinzCash:



Now here’s a look at the 3 NEW items that will be available this year: the Home for the Holidays Column, Cozy Kitchen Island and the Cozy Kitchen Chair:



Start saving your KinzCash now! You won’t want to miss out on any of these items! Who knows what will be back next year… and what won’t! Need some inspiration before you start building? Here’s a look at a Home for the Holidays room that was built last year by ajberry4:



Remember, the Home for the Holidays room theme will be available in the W-Shop from December 1st – 31st.


What is your favorite item from this theme? Do you have a favorite Webkinz holiday item of all time? Please leave your comments below…


101 Responses to Home for the Holiday theme is returing with 3 new items!

  1. Clover200 says:

    This is such a lovely theme!!! I only wish the bed wasn’t retired!! If anyone wants to add me as a friend and send me the bed I would be very appreciative!!

  2. unicorngirlses says:

    looks likes this will be a good christmas. am really sad that imiised a lot of good stuff last year since i stopped playing webkinz :( oh well

  3. GramaII says:

    I cannot find the island, column or chair, does anyone know where they are?Thank you.

  4. greenwolf says:

    the czy kitchen chair is my favorite

  5. Brighteyes399 says:

    I am very upset with my Webkinz site because all the Christmas rooms I did last year. All my items are missing out of the room. I hope my items come back if they ever get it fixed right. I mean Webkinz X.

  6. SummerlynIsMe says:

    Hi guys! I just figured out how to access the new items :) To access you have to click on room themes and scroll through until you find “holidays” click there and you should find every piece of the theme! I hope I helped! Happy Holidays! <3 :)) -Summer

    • roosteelflash says:

      Thanks for the information, SummerlynlsMe! I was just about to ask where/how to find the new items. Sally Webkkinz, is there any way the new items could be moved to be found in the “new/promos” section of the shop instead of buried in the themes area only? It seems weird that you would put the old items from the holiday theme into the “new” section, but not put the new items there. I bet that has confused a lot of folks. Thanks. I love this theme and the new items that are part of it.

    • goldwing says:

      Thank you SummerlynlsMe. I wouldn’t have seen the new items without your help.

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