Hottest Sale of the Season on Webkinz Friends!


Take advantage of the hottest sale of the season… KinzGems are now 50% off on Webkinz Friends (BOTH facebook and tablet), for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Use KinzGems to buy premium buildings and decorations, speed up harvest times and expand your town. Click on the ADD MORE button in the bottom left corner of your town to take advantage of this great deal!   Haven’t played Webkinz Friends yet? What are you waiting for?

Play Webkinz Friends on iPad!

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16 Responses to Hottest Sale of the Season on Webkinz Friends!

  1. megan2007webkinz says:

    on my grandma’s ipad I have the webkinz friends app and I love webkinz friends

  2. True2MyWord1 says:

    What are kinzgems?

  3. Bows22 says:

    Add me too I am also yo yooooooo cause thats my brother!

  4. ADSLO1 says:

    Mine says 50% off but is not. It still says the sale is on but now it costs 99.99 for 1000 gems instead of 49.99. Sad. The full price is way too high.

  5. momlov12345 says:

    i love this idea cant wait to be your friend to

  6. sydneyz says:

    i like this idea on 50

  7. peanutb24 says:

    someone friend me yo yooooooooo

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