IMPORTANT: Webkinz Newz Rules & Regulations




Ganz is committed to keeping and its forums a safe place for its users. Each comment, topic and reply is moderated by our team to ensure that our posted rules and regulations are followed. Any of the below can result in a post not being approved and/or a member being banned:



• Sharing your own or asking for another member’s personally identifiable information such as: name, age, phone number, address, city, state or province, e-mail, etc
• Discussing, suggesting or agreeing to meet other members in person
• Sharing Webkinz World or Webkinz Newz account information (ie: password)
• Engaging in any activity that could disclose your or another member’s identity


• Discussing boyfriends/girlfriends
• Discussing alcohol or illicit drugs
• Discussing illegal activities
• Discussing violent acts or topics
• Discussing sexual acts or topics
• Making false claims about being Webkinz World or Webkinz Newz staff (or their relative)
• Discussing other topics deemed unsuitable in Webkinz Newz


• Engaging in any form of bullying or harassment
• Using mean/rude behavior or language
• Using racial or prejudicial slurs
• Making sexist remarks
• Discussing hateful social attitudes
• Mistreating Webkinz World and Webkinz Newz members in any way
• Engaging in actions that could affect other members’ enjoyment


• Making false claims about your personal safety
• Trying to force other members to trade items
• Engaging in spamming
• Abusing the Reporting Tool in any way
• Engaging in any other disruptive behavior


• Running competitions with the offer of a prize
• Discussing profiles on other websites
• Discussing subjects not related to the Forum Topic
• Extremely long posts
• Being overly adversarial to Ganz and/or Webkinz.
• Encouraging readers to visit sites other than Ganz-owned sites.
• Asking members to trade with you via KinzPost. All trading activity should occur in the Trading Rooms. See additional rules for trading.


Thanks and enjoy posting on Webkinz Newz comment sections and Forums.


- The Moderation Team


197 Responses to IMPORTANT: Webkinz Newz Rules & Regulations

  1. IndigoZap says:

    Ugh, that didn’t turn out good. :(

  2. Prettypikachu says:

    Yeah, thanks for the *nice n’ long, heheh!* post. My parents and I appreciate Ganz trying to make Webkinz/Webkinz Newz a safe, fun environment for people of all ages. Oh, and just a quick question for Ganz/WKN staff… Can I say the name of my Pinterest account? It has Webkinz related things on there, and I’m following you guys @Webkinz, and everything! Thanks! ~PrettyPika

  3. GAIL123KINZ says:

    happy day october

  4. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    ! when did ww post this?

  5. Ruskavelle says:

    Thanks for making sure this is a safe website for everyone, I (and my parents) really appreciate the work you put in to making this appropriate for all ages. :) Ruskavelle

  6. ELJUCO1964 says:

    I am glad you have rules and regulations.. I am disappointed with the peek a news event why do I get the donkey 4 times and all is well the 5th time they say this campaign is expired… I only do it once a day and even just using my one account…

  7. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    OWL MOUSE GOOSE! short 4 OMG. this is wacko taco! love it!

  8. twinners1 says:

    I’ve never knew these and that’s why I’m very happy that I have never broke any of the rules.

  9. WishieTails says:

    Hmm…Well I’ve known all of these for years. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date! Oh…Wait…The long posts thing…That’s odd, because I make long posts, and I see OTHERS do long posts too, and they never get in trouble…Hmm!

  10. blindfold11201 says:

    I’m glad to read all these Rules and Regulations. I hadn’t seen them before, but I try to live by these standards, so thank you for listing them. I have a great respect for Webkinz and Ganz! Glad to be a member.

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