Introducing… Webkinz Trendz!

Recently, on Podkinz #85, Michael and I read out a comment from Orangewing2020. Orangewing2020 suggested we start up a new fashion video series along the same lines as room designs, and they even suggested a name.


We love this idea – and we love the name too! So we are pleased to announce our new video series, ‘Webkinz Trendz’!


We want you to send us screenshots of your pets dressed in the ‘Dress Your Pet’ window wearing your most stylish ensembles. We will select some of our favorite outfits and showcase them in a series of videos. You can send your screenshots to:

IMPORTANT: Please include a username when you send in your images.


To demonstrate, here are some screenshots of Michael and me. This is how we like to dress when we are not hard at work on Webkinz Newz!



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  1. AATWebkinz says:

    Is this still going to happen? I’m excited to see how my fellow Webkinz players are dressing their pets!

  2. EmeraldCity says:

    Hello Mandy Webkinz, I LOVE that we as a Webkinz player community have this great new share opportunity, however, as I was going through my dock trying to submit an awesome outfit…well, it was quite overwhelming. I, and am sure many other players have so many clothes it is so very difficult to decide what to submit. I went from Capt’n Sea outfit to wizard, then Ice princess, to Wacky, to disco…I totally gave up on deciding what to showcase/submit and logged out. May I suggest that the Webkinz trendz submissions be “themed” perhaps monthly? For example, this month of September is: Submit your favorite “back to school” attire, then October could be: Sumbit your favorite “Trick ot Treat Costume”, the November could be “What would you wear to Thanksgiving Dinner”, December…well there’s tons of themes here from Christmas Eve outfits to Holiday Party outfits, etc..January, New Year’s Eve/Day outfits.

    • g2u3c4c5i says:

      I second that. Great idea, EmeraldCity! :)

      • EmeraldCity says:

        Thanks g2u3c4c5i ! Thinking about it even more, maybe we even need 3-5 themes per month/submission event since we have so many categories…Career clothes, Just for fun (zany), Outdoorsy, Glam, Vacation, Winter, Sports, etc…. :)

        • orangewing2020 says:

          Hi there EmeraldCity! That’s not a bad idea for say specific holidays but for all the time? Yes, there are many types of clothing in Webkinz World but I thought it would be nice to let the players chose their own theme, express themselves! I don’t wanna make them feel tied down to a certain limit. I have NO intention of offending anybody here, especially you, cause as I said, that would be great for the holidays and say events in Webkinz World too, but I don’t know if always having a theme is the best.

          • EmeraldCity says:

            HelHello orangewing2020! Did you see my dock for clothing recently? It’s crazy AND did you just notice that this evening, all the clothing items are now categorized by alphabet order only, not by item on pet from glasses to shoes, its al been redone! Thanks Ganz!!!

          • EmeraldCity says:

            I am sorry for any typos previously. but anyway, I LOVE how passionate our Webkinz player family is and all the great talent and suggestions is what makes this online game so unique! We all have great ideas and I want thank Ganz for opening up the opportunity for its players to give suggestions and contribute to the success of this gaming realm. I don’t think there are many virtual game hosts that allow and receive players’ opinions/suggestions as well as Webkinz World and Ganz does, so I am thankful for that.

          • EmeraldCity says:

            I hope your Webkinz Trendz outfit is the first one showcased since it was your idea! Can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions! :D

        • g2u3c4c5i says:

          Yeah! Maybe like at the end of every video, they announce the theme for the next one or something along those lines. :)

  3. ELJUCO1964 says:

    okay I sent in three pictures… Its real easy with the snipping tool for anyone that is having problems

  4. SunsetSparkle says:


  5. ELJUCO1964 says:


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