Sneak Peek: Can YOU Guess This September Pet?


Can you guess which fantastic fetching pet this is?





Give us your guess in the comments below, and visit in early September to find the answer!


63 Responses to Sneak Peek: Can YOU Guess This September Pet?

  1. 7debbie7 says:

    English Cream Retriever

  2. bonesbongo says:

    It looks like an English Cream Retriever!

  3. Catqueen2014 says:

    English cream retriver, or polar bear

  4. FoxesRule612 says:

    Definitely a dog, but I have no idea what breed.

  5. tyrexgirl says:

    a bunny a ” polar bare ” or a fox or a wolf

  6. sunshinepaws says:

    I’m guessing English Cream Retriever. Some have already been able to buy these in store.

  7. Austenshire says:

    Could it be a border collie? They’re fairly fantastic at fetching frisbees.

  8. NarnianHeart says:

    Is it a English Cream Retriever? I bought one at my local Hallmark at the beginning of August, but haven’t been able to find any information online about this particular pet. I figured the store must have mistakenly put the retriever out too early. I’ve been holding off on adopting it on Webkinz just to make sure there wouldn’t be any problems with the code. It’s a super cute Webkinz, one of my favorite plush Webkinz I’ve ever bought. <3

    • wildnana says:

      You are so lucky. I never see Webkinz in my local stores anymore.

      • WebkinzPlushLover says:

        Yeah, you are super lucky. Not only for finding a cute doggie early, but for actually being able to find webkinz in stores too! c: Sadly, for me, I can’t find webkinz ANYWHERE. And where I used to be able to find webkinz, the stores just replaced them all with these beanie boos. :’(

    • EmilyCuteHeart says:

      What is the HM number on the back of the English Cream Retriever’s code? I made a list of all Webkinz (plush, not virtual) in order by HM number and I always update it. Plus, if the HM number is HM859 or HM863 (or a number later than HM864) then it has yet to be released and that would be awesome to have a pet like that! I know that pet has yet to be released, but if it is one if these numbers, then it shouldn’t be in store and you got lucky! Congrats on your early find!

      • EmilyCuteHeart says:

        Update: I just watched a video and someone found a “Webkinz English Cream Retriever” at a Hallmark and it is HM859. This is definitely the English Cream Retriever. Also, FINALLY!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ganz, for stopping the remakes!

  9. lovelypuppie says:

    I’d go along with a Bichon Frise. If so, it would be amazing…

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