Item Showcase: Berry Festival Berries!


The Berry Festival is returning to Webkinz World from June 6th – June 15th!


Log in and look for floating berries to click and win! If you’ve been collecting berries for your jam jars in Jumbleberry Fields, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to fill those jars faster! There are also badges to be won and a special new challenge to play with all-new prizes!


How many berries can YOU collect?


137 Responses to Item Showcase: Berry Festival Berries!

  1. nicoliosis says:

    So cool! Maybe not for any certain reason, but the moon berry is my favorite!

  2. kmstarks0719 says:

    i need moonbeerys

  3. maria_rdz says:

    love berry festival!

  4. lilypugrulestoo says:

    I look forward to the Berry Festival every year!…..I know it is coming so I like to save berries for a few weeks before it starts in case there is a challenge that requires me to feed berries to my pet….especially moon can buy plants at the store and grow your own…love my gardens!

  5. fidmommy1 says:

    will the moonberries be on sale at the 10 year anniversary I would so love to grow them in my garden I love moonberries happy birthday webkinz

  6. axiom2412 says:

    YAY! Thank you! I am so excited!!!

  7. fairy16flower says:

    I love the Berry Festival because I can get Moonberries!

  8. payteepie123 says:

    how do you get a badge

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