It’s Player Appreciation Day!


It’s October 15 and I am so excited to wish you all a Happy Player Appreciation Day! Don’t forget to log in and go to Today’s Activities to get your gift, an adorable Halloween Hat Fence!

Please note: this gift is not tradeable, sendable or sellable. To get your gift, visit Today’s Activities which can be accessed through the Things To Do menu, and click on the fence to have it added to your Dock.


Don’t forget to log in today and visit Today’s Activities to collect this spooky gift!


So fab. So fun.

54 Responses to It’s Player Appreciation Day!

  1. leaveitnow41s says:

    How did you know I needed that piece of fence to finish Merlin’s room? Thank you sooo much!

  2. Morningdew12 says:

    -_- I think I missed it. Oh well! :D

  3. habibi24 says:

    Thanks so much for the gift! It is so cute. I’m glad that it’s not huge. It looks great in my Halloween room. Trick or Treat! Sweet! :)

  4. dwtsfan says:

    this is awesome

  5. nat592 says:

    The arrow to claim today’s prize never appeared on my account. I was really looking forward to receiving the prize. I hope it gets fixed.

  6. frozenanna2 says:

    Hey Webkinz, I need Webkinz to read this, so I realized, since the Webkinz Hamsters come with the Mazin’ Hamsters Feature Code, does that mean I can’t log it in to my Webkinz Account? Please reply!! I really want to know so if I buy them then I can log them into my Webkinz Account can I still log the Hamster in my Webkinz Account with the Mazin’ Hamsters Feature Code??? My username is frozenanna2. Please, thank you.

  7. nanamama12 says:

    Hmmmm, where to put this????

  8. megamom12 says:

    Not quite sure which room I want to put it in. Right now I’m thinking I might put it in the Dance Party room for a decoration.

  9. lilypugrulestoo says:

    I love it! Thank you!

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