It’s Time to Head to School!

Ms. Cowoline has been hard at work getting the Academy ready for new students and we’re proud to announce that the school is now open!

The Kinzville Academy has been a favorite feature of Webkinz Classic for over a decade and was planned to be part of Webkinz Next since the earliest days of the game’s design.


Of course, like the Curio Shop and Gem Mining before it, there was room to improve our original design.


The Kinzville Academy in Webkinz Next is more streamlined, and gives you control over the prizes you earn as you play!

Introducing Classtime

Classtime is our new daily class challenge. Classtime presents four classes for you to do daily. The first class will an Easy class, followed by a Medium class, then a Hard class. The final class will always be a Pop Quiz with 10 trivia questions. You will be graded on each class, based on how well you did. After completing all four classes, you will receive School Ribbons based on your grades.



School Ribbons

School Ribbons are a new currency exclusively used the Kinzville Academy. You can use your School Ribbons to purchase special items from the Academy Spirit Shop, including furniture, decorations, and clothing, all the way up to your own Yellow School Bus!


Coming in September, you will also be able to purchase Skill Cards for your pets. This is a brand-new feature, never seen before in Webkinz World.



Skill Cards grant specific pets bonus abilities while playing in Kinzville – from moving faster, to getting bonuses when Gem Mining, and more. Each pet can have up to 3 skills. Skills can be upgraded by adding more Skill Cards to your pet and leveling up your skills.

It’s an exciting new way to continue growing your pets – coming soon!


Curriculum Note

The Kinzville Academy is a major new feature, and very different from what we’ve done in the past. Some of the classes may be very difficult and some may be very easy. We will be watching the results very closely and will be making changes based on those results. We want players to have a challenge – particularly at the Hard level – but also want Classtime to always be fun.

53 Responses to It’s Time to Head to School!

  1. ccutshaw says:

    Skill cards are so frustrating. What is the benifit of the sewing skill card? Which pet did I apply it to? How do you use it? What does each skill do? How can I get more sewing skills when it’s not a class at the acadamy???

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Sewing skill cards are purchased from the card shop at the Kinzville Academy. You choose the pet you apply skills to. You can click on the statue next to the shop and cycle through your pets to see which pet has what skills applied if you don’t remember who you gave it to. Sewing skill unlocks recipes and benefits related to crafting, like having a chance of getting your materials back.

  2. memerdman says:

    Does using the hints during the Pop Quiz count against your score? Meaning are ribbon points deducted if you use the hints?

  3. bonesbongo says:

    Sally Webkinz I have a QUESTION that I hope you can answer for me PET SKILLS Currently my pet (green cat) is on LEVEL 2 SEWING, I purchased another Sewing Skills Card 5 that required 350 Ribbons I want to double check with you if I will automatically move up to the next level if I apply the skill card to the same pet. I didn’t want to loose the skill card as I have in the past not sure what benefits are available doesn’t show anything when scrolling over it in my dock. Thanks

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The skill card will apply to the pet you add it to, but each skill level requires more points. You will need the equivalent of 10 points for Sewing to get to Level 3. There’s a progress meter on your skill card that shows how close you are to the next level.

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