It’s Time to Head to School!

Ms. Cowoline has been hard at work getting the Academy ready for new students and we’re proud to announce that the school is now open!

The Kinzville Academy has been a favorite feature of Webkinz Classic for over a decade and was planned to be part of Webkinz Next since the earliest days of the game’s design.


Of course, like the Curio Shop and Gem Mining before it, there was room to improve our original design.


The Kinzville Academy in Webkinz Next is more streamlined, and gives you control over the prizes you earn as you play!

Introducing Classtime

Classtime is our new daily class challenge. Classtime presents four classes for you to do daily. The first class will an Easy class, followed by a Medium class, then a Hard class. The final class will always be a Pop Quiz with 10 trivia questions. You will be graded on each class, based on how well you did. After completing all four classes, you will receive School Ribbons based on your grades.



School Ribbons

School Ribbons are a new currency exclusively used the Kinzville Academy. You can use your School Ribbons to purchase special items from the Academy Spirit Shop, including furniture, decorations, and clothing, all the way up to your own Yellow School Bus!


Coming in September, you will also be able to purchase Skill Cards for your pets. This is a brand-new feature, never seen before in Webkinz World.



Skill Cards grant specific pets bonus abilities while playing in Kinzville – from moving faster, to getting bonuses when Gem Mining, and more. Each pet can have up to 3 skills. Skills can be upgraded by adding more Skill Cards to your pet and leveling up your skills.

It’s an exciting new way to continue growing your pets – coming soon!


Curriculum Note

The Kinzville Academy is a major new feature, and very different from what we’ve done in the past. Some of the classes may be very difficult and some may be very easy. We will be watching the results very closely and will be making changes based on those results. We want players to have a challenge – particularly at the Hard level – but also want Classtime to always be fun.

53 Responses to It’s Time to Head to School!

  1. RRB says:

    I must have missed the post that explained skill cards? Can someone tell me where to look to understand how these work and the benefits? What is negotiating? Thank you

  2. BeezKneez says:

    I had Difficult Art today – the picture I had to create needed purple, orange, and green paint – very unexpected to realize that I had to mix the provided primary colors to get the secondary colors I needed. You can add more than one color in the dropper to mix them together – that was fun!

  3. lucylane556 says:

    YES!!! IT’S FINALLY OPEN!!! But, whenever I try to open Next, it takes FOREVER!!

  4. Davids1lilpixie says:

    Okay, having actually tried the Kinville Academy in Next, I have to agree, Ms Cowaline needs a makeover, she’s darn creepy looking. However, more importantly, I’ll say this; I’ve been playing Classic for 13 yrs or so, I’ve honestly lost count, and in my time, I have done a few, very few classes in the Academy. Why? Because frankly, and I’m not ashamed to admit this, I have learning disablities and there are quite a few classes I’ve never been able to do unless I had help, or ignored entirely. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I’ve always known what my weaknesses are, what I can do and can’t. Math? Ahh no, nothing beyond simple arithmetic. Now theoretical physics or medieviel history, Scotish poets, astronomy, archaeology or dinosaurs and such, I’m your gal, lol. I’m disappointed to see that I can’t choose which classes to take and today’s class, the weight training is a prime example of the aforementioned. In all my time of playing Classic, I have never, ever, no never, been able to do the weight training class, period, not unless I get help from my husband whose an old arcade mall rat of many years ago, lol. Nevertheless, I can tell you right now, I’m not going to be able to do this. Perhaps at some point players will be able to choose what classes they can take, but right now, I’ll check whenever I’m on, to see what class is being offered on any particular day. But I’m inclined to think that for the most part, unless something changes or is expanded, I will likely be ignoring the Academy in Next because I’m not likely going to be able to do them.

  5. kaye10 says:

    hi! sure you are being cryptic on purpose, but ooo please, what meant by “bonuses when gem mining” ?? thanks much :) best, k.

  6. PupKid008 says:

    This can’t be more perfect, I started school today :3

  7. choover143 says:

    I tried for the first time today. I had easy math, medium spelling and hard weight lifting.

  8. Wingsfan65 says:

    I think it’s more challenging than the Classic version, but it’s a lot of fun, too :)Does everyone get the same combination of classes? Like Beezkneez, I also got easy art, medium speed running, difficult spelling and Pop Quiz.

  9. LivingAloha says:

    Some of the classes are done well, while others seen a bit too difficult. I still think it is a shame the strength class on classic doesn’t work. I have played for over ten years and my pets will never be able to graduate.

    • Barkster says:

      I agree. It’s so frustrating to think of the time wasted on the strength class just to arrive at Level 10, which MOST people agree is fairly impossible to do with modern computers. I wish they would apply the “Curriculum Note” methodology above to the Classic version.

    • kaye10 says:

      aloha Aloha! nice to know there are at least two of us out there, i do understand. both “weight-lifting class” and “speed training” become IMPOSSIBLE ON UPPER LEVELS with high-speed internet! but i am ok with it as i have that realization & have in fact alerted Webkinz central of such in the past. but we were actually able to get a diploma (can’t recall how/why but felt was well-deserved!) … … NOW is fun/nice to get a fresh beginning in Next. I love, love, love the most difficult challenge (probably b/c i figured it out & was in no way easy–but made me WANT to do it again, right away :) unfortunately the same issue presents with the medium challenge, as is again nearly impossible with high-speed internet. i learned on the pop quiz that if i must guess (i am an excellent guesser, btw) that i should get the hint, as a question i have to guess on is obscure, very obscure … well best to all & above all, have fun! k.

    • netge says:

      We used to be able to buy a pass in Classic for any class for 250 kinzcash, except for level 10. I don’t know why it was stopped. It would be good to bring it back and include level 10 of the strength class at the very least, as it is now impossible to get beyond about level 5. That way you had to earn the 250 kinzcash so it did require effort, but it allowed those who found a particular class difficult to still progress and enjoy finishing and graduating. I have bad arthritis in my hands so I have no chance of doing the strength class, although I have about 10 pets that have graduated. A very old slow computer is your only option, provided it runs the app. Makes it much easier. I don’t understand why a game that is supposed to be fun makes it nearly impossible for the players to pass the levels. It should, at the very least, be doable for just about everyone.

      • osubills says:

        Yes! Bringing back the class pass would be a very good resolution. At $250/class it’s expensive enough that you’ll want to complete the class if you’re able, but it provides an option to complete a level if you’re struggling. It’s a fantastic Plan B. I have almost 10 pets on Level 10 Strength (with no reduction in classes! Ouch!) but have given up because it’s too frustrating and futile to even attempt them anymore.

  10. BeezKneez says:

    I went to the new academy yesterday afternoon – completed easy art, medium speed running and difficult spelling – that one took a little time to get how to do it but I did earn an “A” :-) The pop Quiz was a combination of very easy questions to some very odd and obscure ones so I guess I will learn something. A couple observations are that a day means a 24 hour period – I was not able to go to classes this morning and will have to wait until this afternoon or evening. Secondly, some of these classes seem better suited for a desktop computer – I think I would have failed the speed class if I had tried to use my phone. Lastly, can something please be done about Ms. Cowaline? In close up head shots, she looks absolutely frightening – not at all like a warm and friendly educator. Please, someone hand her a tissue so she can blot her lipstick a bit – she applied way too much and maybe could tone down the bright color. Thank you for giving her hooves – she is a cow, after all. The human looking hand on some of the other host characters are a little weird. I did have fun at the academy and am looking forward to saving up credits to spend at the spirit store.

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