Join the Family!

Today we are proud to announce the launch of a new Webkinz! It’s a whole new world to play alongside the rebranded Webkinz Classic! This new version was built from the ground up to work the same on all platforms with the latest technologies. Now you’ll have two great ways to plays! Just login with your existing Webkinz user name and password and we’ll get you all set up! Get all of the details here:


Google Play, iOS and Windows Store versions available now!

353 Responses to Join the Family!

  1. Pantera_mochi says:

    I had been playing it’s still pretty hard to get gems to get pets but a little bit more easier than Webkinz classic

  2. Booreeves says:

    Having trouble logging in on Webkinz Next again but I can log in my Classic just fine but not Webkinz Next So fix the issue so I can log in on next

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