Join the KVA Drama Club!


Now that school is back in full swing, the drama club is about to start auditions. Every day between September 8thand 22nd , stop by the Grandstand in Kinzville Park and click on Ms. Cowaline to get a gift box every day! Drag the giftbox into your pet’s room to get one costume piece.

  You even have a chance at winning one of the new wigs released at Ganz eStore this month – the Fluffy Pom Pom Pig Tails! If your pet has a big production coming up or just wants to transform its look, check out all the new wigs at Ganz eStore!  

122 Responses to Join the KVA Drama Club!

  1. chdogs says:

    I got one rare item :)

  2. 7debbie7 says:

    Was anyone lucky enough to win any of the rare costume pieces? I haven’t and I’m so sad.

    • beerfeet says:

      I have seen her everyday and not one piece of the rare items! Guess that is why they call it rare.

      • 7debbie7 says:

        Thanks beerfeet…sorry you didn’t get any either. Maybe next time.

        • trexjt2013 says:

          Hey 7debbie7 & beerfeet, I collected over 100 boxes. I opened them all at one time on 10 different accounts. I received “0″ “RARE” items out of all those boxes. So I honestly think it should have said “ULTRA RARE”. This is even worse than getting the floor gemstone tiles!!! I’m curious, did anyone receive a “RARE” piece? If so please post. I would also like to know how many others recieved no “RARE” pieces?

          • rainyukl says:

            I didn’t and thats all i wanted. I got 2 fairy dresses, a lab coat, and goggles. i really wanted the hat with pig tails and mask. all I love to collect is clothes and special foods and Holiday items. If anyone has stuff like this my user name is rainyu and i can send you other items in exchange. Thanks

          • golightly says:

            i was lucky enough to get the mask.

  3. Blondie123BBB says:

    if anyone like the fellow below me said i to wish to have anyones extra Dex dangerous outfits if they dont want them my username is Blondie123BBB my webkinz name is Rex my membership expired so please send if someones can still use there account and add me as a friend and send them if you can thanks :)

  4. redscupcakegirl says:

    sally webkinz i still cant see ms cowline en though i logged into a diffrent browse

  5. ITSOFluffyunicorn says:

    Does anyone have any spare dex dangerous clothing tops and google things because I am making a dex room theme and want the outfit for role-play

  6. AUNT09 says:

    I’m been seeing Ms Caroline sense she started on the 8th of this month. I haven’t won, one rare item, that they are showing on here. I know it’s a chance we could win them ?

  7. criss999 says:

    if anybody has 2 snowwhite dress i would love to have one that my favorite movie

  8. stinkum5 says:

    Kinzville Park won’t load for me. I guess I’ll miss this one. I would have loved to get the mask and the mad scientist outfit.

  9. redscupcakegirl says:

    sally webkinz why cant i still see ms cowline

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