Jolly Jester’s Hat: Secret Clothing Recipe Revealed!


There’s no fooling your pet– if you give them a chance to wear a fun and funny hat, they’re sure to be there with bells on! This creative cap can be made at the KinzStyle Outlet by picking out the right combination of clothing and then crafting them together to create something new!



Just click on the Clothing Machine button in the KinzStyle Outlet (Webkinz Classic desktop app only) and use these 3 clothing items to create your own Jolly Jester’s Hat!





Want to know MORE Secret Recipes? Check out our Secret Recipe Archive here!


Which secret clothing recipes are YOUR favorites to make? Let us know in the comments below!



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20 Responses to Jolly Jester’s Hat: Secret Clothing Recipe Revealed!

  1. sunnypinksky says:

    Ooo I’ll have to make one. It goes great for Mardi Gras as someone said, but i’ll be using it to go with my medieval room theme. I picture a queen, king, jester and townspeople hanging out in there. The jester will be sure to keep everyone entertained!

  2. amaridy says:

    I have one I got from a Christmas way back, but it is green, red and white, now I have TWO Court jesters!! Thank you!! 💞

  3. kbcabc says:

    Perfect timing for Mardi Gras!

  4. KittyKittyWest says:

    Something’s wrong. I bought and put the items in the machine, but no Jester hat. It was a Patchwork shirt.

  5. lucylane556 says:

    Oh, it’s so cute! luv it

  6. treasure16 says:

    Hi Sally! I have a couple questions. Who won for March’s Pet of the Month out of the Ginger Bunny and American Black Bear and when will you release another plush pet? I’m ALWAYS so excited for them! Thanks! :D

  7. acoolaunt says:

    Thanks, now we know! Ooh, 2024 could be the year where you reveal all the unsolved recipes from this long forgotten feature. Maybe one a month (:

  8. AuntietoEW says:

    Thank you for the new clothing recipe!!!

  9. raggedyann1968 says:

    Woohoo, awesome!!

  10. jjizzbuckets says:


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