July Deluxe Day is TODAY!


Another Deluxe Day has arrived! Once again, Deluxe Members can log in TODAY, Saturday, July 8th, and visit the Today’s Activities in order to receive a special prize: a Northern Cottage! Also on the Today’s Activity schedule, there’s an entire day of fun and activities for Deluxe Members to enjoy!



If you’d like to join in on the fun and prizes, have a parent visit the Ganz eStore to upgrade your account!


48 Responses to July Deluxe Day is TODAY!

  1. ash4mail says:

    Sally, if we weren’t able to log in yesterday and we are a deluxe member, is there any way to still get the cottage?

  2. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Hi, okay so I know I’m Deluxe, but I missed Deluxe Day by just only 2 minuets. I’m an hour behind Webkinz time, and I missed the prize. Would anyone care to give theirs to me? I’m not forcing anyone to do this, I just really thought it was a neat prize. I’m 09xStarlightx09 on Webkinz. And thanks so much! It means a lot! <3 I have a few PSFs.

  3. SillyGoose9 says:

    I know this might be too much to ask of the community, but I missed Deluxe Day and I was wondering if anyone has an extra they’d be willing to send me? My username is SillyGoose9. Thanks in advance if you do.

  4. gigiliz says:

    I love this month present! thank you!

  5. KAGI1 says:

    This month present is wonderful! Thank you!

  6. LKAGI2 says:

    This time present looks great! Thank you so very much!

  7. kittymade10 says:

    This is a very cute item!

  8. kin2832 says:

    Love this cottage!!!:) Thanks Ganz!:)

  9. tinygma says:

    STONE WALL in the W-SHOP works AWESOME it is the on with little white daisy .

  10. ladysparklez99 says:

    hey sally webkinz?this happened maybe two months ago,and it still wont work.i was doing a request for Boris in the adventure park and i found the glass star like he wanted me to,but i ran out of places to dig and still cant find one more thing i need:a yellow crystal.plz help!i cant do anymore quests untill i complete this one!-ladysparklez909

    • tinygma says:

      lady sparkle Happened to me a few times . I come here and write customer service (write the name of challenge down) and then its easier for them to find it. It is a glitch they have changed the Adventures a little and it sometimes messes with other things. IT HAS taken them about 3 to 4 day to fix it so be patient. It doesn’t hurt to write them a 2d time if you want to .

    • murraydude1 says:

      I’ve had to do the same thing, four times this week. Mention how many shovels you used and sometimes they will give you a few back. Over the weekend they usually do not answer but during the week it is usually within a day. Good luck!

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