Karl Challenges Michael to a Game of Atomicolicous!


Watch Karl and Michael play a game of Goober’s Atomicolicous at the Tournament Arena! Who will win this match up? There’s only one way to find out:



Stay tuned for the continuation of the Michael vs. Matt series of Let’s Play Videos right here on Webkinz Newz!


32 Responses to Karl Challenges Michael to a Game of Atomicolicous!

  1. barb539 says:

    That was fun, but Michael lost…..Boooooo! Yes, I’m a Michael fan!

  2. alice184 says:

    Loved hearing Goober. Michael did well considering his opponent. I would like to see more levels for Atomic Adventure. Go science!

  3. lilypugrulestoo says:

    that was fun…love trivia

  4. MEGWEBKINZ says:

    Congrats Karl aka Goober! Better luck next time Michael!!! ~Hug a Pug~

  5. glitteringduck says:

    Lol! That was awesome. It’s so cool that Karl is also the voice of Goober. :) This was just an overall fun video.

  6. oats34WK says:

    guys if i’m not here in the mornings i could be still sleep. if i am sleep post me a comment to wake me up. sometimes i’m a big old sleepyhead and when i come on i’ll see it. last night i was really tired i was out like a light. so guys if i’m not here later in the mornings you will why. just post me post a comment and when i come on i’ll post to let guys know i’m here or i’m wake sometimes i do need a wake up call.

  7. TennesseeFrogs2 says:

    When i clicked on this i was like “Who the heck is Karl? Where’s Matt?” lol. His Goober voice is pretty neat. Good job Karl and better luck next time Micheal.

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