Keep Collecting Flowers!


How many flowers have you managed to collect so far? Don’t give up… there’s lots of time to win the Grand Prize. You still have until the end of the month to collect all 50 Flowers from your friends!



Here’s how to play: From May 1st – 31st, look for the flower collection icon on your Kinzville Map and click on it to see your collection.


Everyday, you’ll get 1 free flower, just for clicking on the collection icon (Deluxe Members will get 2 free flowers a day).



Once you have received your free flower, you can get 5 more throughout the day by asking your friends (by clicking the ASK FRIENDS button) or by finding and clicking on the floating flower on (make sure you collect your free one first before trying to find one on Webkinz Newz).


You’ll earn a prize for every 10 flowers you collect. Collect all 50 flowers by May 31st to win the Grand Prize, but don’t leave it to last minute… once you have completed your flower collection it will reset so you can play again to earn even more prizes!


Need more friends to help you complete your collection? Click the ASK FRIENDS button then click the NEED MORE FRIENDS? button to see other players looking for friends and add them to your Friends List.


Here’s a closer look at each prize and how many flowers you’ll need to collect to win each one:



Looking for that extra special piece to make the perfect floral themed room for your pets? Use your eStore points to get the beautiful Weathered Window. You can find it in the NEW & PROMOS section of the W-Shop:



Have you managed to win the Grand Prize? Let us know by leaving a comment below…


35 Responses to Keep Collecting Flowers!

  1. Warden says:

    Thank you so much for the prizes, and to all my wonderful friends who were making sure to fulfill my request for a flower every day! =D I was able to play THREE times! I’m so happy! If anyone needs a friend, who will send every day, my username is warden1964.


    I just finished but when I restarted to get another set, it would not let me ask my friends for flowers stating I already ask for today, I did not.

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Hi ~Momofdoubles! I’ve had problems before if I didn’t first close the window for the completed collection before I clicked on the little button below the collection icon asking me if I want to start again. So now I always close the pop-up window with the collection prizes, and I haven’t had any problems. When I click start again, the little window pops up telling me that I’ve collected my free flowers for today. If I asked friends any time after midnight, it won’t let me ask again on that given day. I hope that this makes sense and maybe even addresses your situation. Good luck, and happy collecting!

  3. KarenaJ says:

    Just finished my second collection! I love how this stuff matches the daybed and accessories from last year. Off topic but on the balloon darts, has anyone gotten the air zodiac costume shoes? I’ve only managed to get the pants, shirt and hat. I wondered if I was unlucky or if the shoes aren’t in the mix….

  4. micky2O18 says:

    Sally Webkinz Mine reset, but it wasn’t with new stuff. It was with the things for the first time. Why is that?? I really don’t want to start over again.

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