Keep Collecting Marshmallows!


You still have until the end of July to collect Marshmallows from your friends!



Here’s how to play: Look for the Marshmallow Collection icon on your Kinzville Map and click on it to see your collection. Everyday, you’ll get 1 free Marshmallow, just for clicking on the Collection icon (Deluxe Members will get 2 free Marshmallows a day).



Once you have received your free Marshmallow, you can get 5 more throughout the day by asking your friends (by clicking the ASK FRIENDS button) or by finding and clicking on the floating Marshmallow on (make sure you collect your free one first before trying to find one on Webkinz Newz).


Need more friends to help you complete your collection? Click the ADD MORE FRIENDS button to see other players looking for friends and add them to your Friends List.


Here’s a closer look at each prize and how many Marshmallows you’ll need to get them:



Want to make your outdoor adventure room extra special? Use your eStore Points to get the Rocky Volcano, which will be available starting July 1st. You’ll be able to find it in the NEW & PROMOS section of the W-Shop.



Don’t leave your collection to last minute! You can complete your Marshmallow Collection as many times as you like throughout July so, the faster you collect, the more prizes you can win!


Have you already completed your Marshmallow Collection? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…


32 Responses to Keep Collecting Marshmallows!

  1. gracegirl says:

    Did we ever get the reward if we completed the marshmallow collection more than once? I never saw anything

  2. happyjig213 says:

    Hi webkinz I am still not getting my webkinz newz marshmallows I have been doing it since the first of July and it still said I only have 9 :-( and no I’m not getting 5 from either PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  3. chowchow2002 says:

    idk if anyone else is having the same problem but on my sisters account she needs one more marshmallow but she can’t ask friends or get the flory clicky things. Could someone help please

  4. luvthingsthatsparkle says:


  5. mangoplum130 says:

    can u please Help me I cant get to my friends to ask also my prizes wont show or my jumberries jar ANYONE ELSE OR JUST ME

  6. Ravensuperkitty says:

    Has anybody won prizes that are not on there? I won a rocky wallpaper and I am kind of confused.

    • luvthingsthatsparkle says:

      YES!! When I got my last marshmallow for the corner piece and then the free lake piece, I didn’t get either of the pieces but a wallpaper instead. I logged in and played and won the rocks and I want them all. (also, my ask friends button doesn’t ever work so I had to really work hard to get them all :( but at least I had fun) Anyone not get their corner and free piece? its not right or fair.

    • luvthingsthatsparkle says:

      YES! I logged in and gor wallpaper INSTEAD of my corner piece and my free lake piece. I’d rather have my rocks I worked so hard for. and I cant ask friends either so I really had to work for the whole set and now they wont give it to me. NOT FAIR.

  7. Bellatrix5 says:

    Hopefully soon we will be able to do this on the mobile app!! I use Webkinz on my phone mostly now as I don’t have the internet so it has been great to have the new updates, ability to send mail etc

  8. june629 says:

    is anybody else having issues getting your marshmellow chart to open on the map? I click then it flashes please wait once and nothing happens. Very frustrating since I am trying to finish this collection and can’t if it won’t open.

  9. ANITAM3 says:

    I wish that I could ask friends for marshmallows using Microsoft Edge, because I am having to fight lately for Google Chrome to work for the Marshmallow Collection. Edge will let you open the Challenge, but will not allow the pop-up window to ask friends. Google chrome does not open the Challenge at all. I have 7 accounts and over the past week, all have had issues on Google Chrome (usually 2 will go through fine and the other five are a battle).

  10. happyjig213 says:

    Why am I not getting the webkinz newz marshmallows when I log on to I have been doing it since the first. but it said I only have 9… please help me out!! And yes when I click it it says congratulations you’ve won a marshmallow…

    • lmj87 says:

      if you ask friends and get 5 you will not get any from webkinz newz. unlike me I only get 2 a day, can not ask friends.

    • TropicalGirl says:

      I’ve heard that you need to get your free marshmallow before you get your Webkinz News marshmallow. Have you tried that? Also you can ask friends or use the friend finder to add friends. Hope that helps. :)

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