Keep Looking For Snowy Retriever Pet Medallions!


You have until December 31, to try and collect one hundred Snowy Retriever Puppy Pet Medallions! Look for them floating across your screen on Webkinz Classic, and click on them to add them to your collection (limited to 4 per day, 5 for Deluxe players).



Have you already adopted this pet? Keep collecting Snowy Retriever Puppy Pet Medallions, because every time you collect ten, you can trade them for an AnyPet Medallion that you can use towards any of your Medallion Pets!



Click on the MY PETS paw print button, near your pet’s portrait (bottom left side of your screen), and click on the MEDALLIONS tab to view your collection. When you have collected one hundred Snowy Retriever Puppy Pet Medallions, an ADOPT button will appear under the pet, and you’ll be able to add it to your Webkinz family!


Did you manage to adopt the Snowy Retriever Puppy? let us know in the comment section below…


23 Responses to Keep Looking For Snowy Retriever Pet Medallions!

  1. mochidochi says:

    I named her Yuki! And I love her so much! I made her a Christmas room.

  2. grantourgang says:

    I didn’t get my 25 medalion snowy retriever on christmas day. anyone else have that problem.

  3. flyinghorse3 says:

    I already have one named Jingle, but I am so close to getting another one! If I do end up getting another, what should I name her? I think I might to Lumi, which is a norse name meaning snow.

  4. gml1939 says:

    I made sure I asked Santa for my gift. And I was excited to get the box of 25 medallions for Christmas. However, that special day usually has either travels or company coming to the house. I was unable to get on the computer at all that day. So, did not get my gift or the box of medallions. Pretty sure I was not the only one in those circumstances. Seems Webkinz could somehow leave the Christmas box notice on the announcements until we sign in next, not just on one specific day. Very upsetting.

    • katriana says:

      I feel the same. I understand why they do it, to encourage us to log on, but also feel like that is more of a capitalistic push and less of a “yay, enjoy the holiday season” type of move

  5. Jessmine2 says:

    I have not been able to get into the medallion section to adopt a new pet since Christmas when I got the Snowy Retriever medallion bundle. It kicks me out of the game entirely every time I try to get in. Looks like no one else has posted as having this issue so I will write the support group. Everyone enjoy your new retrievers. You have given them some great names!

  6. treeflower says:

    I got my pup, I named him Max

  7. Demongirl10 says:

    I already have a Snowy Retriever so I’ve been trading in my extra retriever medallions for Any Pet medallions. I finally adopted both the Diamond Dragonfly and Batik Elelphant I was so close to getting thanks to these. :)

  8. tallyhey says:

    I’m thrilled the deluxe trial includes the 5 a day medallion allowance. What a great Christmas surprise! I hope to adopt a brother for my pup one day.

  9. bonesbongo says:

    I have been collecting my five medallions every day available. I have already adopted the Snowy Retriever Puppy which I named Avalanche. I have 750 more Snowy Retriever Puppy medallions saved up. I have so many medallions saved up for each pet I am able to adopt each one of the Medallion Pets at least once, I have already been adopting the pets. It would be fantastic to see some new pets available in the future to adopt by collection medallions. ~ shelkinz67

  10. ed6879 says:

    I’m SO CLOSE to getting this cutie! Just need 6 more! I’ll be introducing him to my ice fawn, Farene, and my two rockerz, Rainn and Harmony. Any name suggestions for this guy?

    • PEBBLES1973 says:

      ed6879 I have 4 snowy retrievers their names are Maya, Noel, Kringle & Aspen. you can use any of those names if you want.

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Mine are Yuki (means snow), Lily, Bianca, and Snowball. Some of the names that I plan to use for future snowy retrievers are Neve, or Nevada, Gwen (means white), Zane, and Aspen. I’m also thinking about Juneau, which is a city in Alaska. Please let me know if any of those seem to fit for your new webbie. I like the names that you have already chosen for your other webbie family members. I have a unicorn named Harmony on my main account on Next. (Her mom is Melody, and her granddaughter is Kaydence – so we have a whole musical theme going!) Enjoy your new snowy retriever!

      • KarenaJ says:

        Amazing names, Beckinz8. I love Janeau! Think I will borrow that one for another snowy retriever, thanks ;)

        • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

          Nice! I have a White Dire Wolf Pup & her name is “Gwenore Howells” (Gwenore means white shadow in Welsh & Howells is a popular last name there & it sounds like “Howls” =)) My Snowy Retriever names are horrible: Adam Young(after my bias Owl City <3), Vanilla, Mikrokosmos(smh), KwikStarGlazerDonut(After the glazer dougnuts from Kwik Star), 502 Bad Gateway, 403 Forbidden, Collette, Thor, Frosted Flake, Kleenex, Charlotte, Investia Geat, Ivy Crystal, Whatsername, Buttercream Frosting, Whatsisname & yeah.. I have a problem on my other accounts, lol.

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