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70 Responses to Learn To Play Webkinz Next – Challenges

  1. PRINCESS6501 says:

    Is there a list of the challenges and game trophies somewhere? I also don’t have any more challenges left after completing the Bringing Up Baby 3 of 3. Are there any more and will there be more added?

  2. leena14371 says:

    i found two problems with challenges. First is with the seasonal challenge. As mentioned in another thread, buying game tokens but not getting credit toward the challenge. Also, my pet has, a few times asked to play the Wheel of Wonder in the arcade but after spinning, there is no reward so it doesnt count as finishing a pet request. Should be further along in the season. Thanks for your help.

  3. duckess1 says:

    Help please, does anyone know how to get the shark swim trunks & tank in Webkinz Next week one challenge? I have asked many times in Webkinz Next help and no responses.

  4. 11auntie says:

    Hi biscotti. The wish tokens popped up on Monday night, and I was able to complete the challenge! :) Did you find yours? If not, start hunting. It is the last of its chain, but finishing it did trigger a new Adventure Scout chain. I wish we knew what triggers an actual response from a host. Often a list of comments will include several requests for help right next to each other, but a host will only provide a written response to one of them. Is it coincidence that we asked for help here and received it or did a host see the request and get the problem fixed without taking the time to tell us?

  5. biscotti says:

    Hi Sally, I am working on the Curio Shop Challenge which requires me to find five wish tokens around Kinzville. I have not been able to find any. Did that get turned off for some reason? I have plenty of wish tokens from logging in, spinning the wheel of wow, fortune teller etc. But I cannot complete the challenge because there are none of them lying around Kinzville. Can you please help me figure out how to finish this challenge? Thank you very much.

    • 11auntie says:

      I’m sorry you’re having this problem, but I’m so happy that I’m not alone! For several weeks I have been trying to complete the last task of Explore the Curio Shop! 3/3, but I can’t find those wish tokens. At the same time, I had no problem collecting the 20 invitations for Week 1 of Season. (I do see the W-Shop logo appearing and disappearing around Kinzville; however, I can’t click on it. Except for the W it doesn’t look the same as the token, and I have no idea what it is for!) I wonder how many other people are having this problem. I hope Sally or one of the other hosts will have a solution for us.

      • biscotti says:

        Hi auntie, so glad I’m not the only one with this problem. Sorry to hear you are having it too! I had no trouble finding the invitations, the flashlights etc because they were turned on for that part of the challenges. For some reason it seems like Ganz has turned off whatever would allow us to find wish tokens and step over them to finish the challenge. Sally, can you please get this fixed for us hoping to finish this challenge and unlock more challenges if this one is part of a chain. Thank you!!

  6. sjc4498 says:

    I am trying to finish the challenge where we have to tap on a baby stroller in the park to learn about them. But I have done that several times and it doesn’t register.

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