LEGO Friends!


The girls from LEGO Friends are visiting Webkinz World in Canada! They’re here to tell you about brand new, totally cool places to go in Heartlake City… and give you some gifts of course!
Look for the LEGO Friends Floating Icon in Webkinz World between October 30th and November 24th!

Click the Floating Gift Box to win either Mia’s Outfit or Stephanie’s Outfit for your pet!



Want to collect both? Visit Webkinz every day to click the Floating Icon and win!


But on November 24th, Mia and her Friends are heading back to Heartlake City to take a ride on their jet skis, feed the dolphins and hang out by the sea in their new Dolphin Cruiser! You can even try out your jet ski skills on the LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser Online Game!


What’s their other favorite hang out? Heartlake High of course! They love taking classes at this awesome academy! What’s your favourite school activity? Try the Heartlake High School Quiz to find out now!


**This event is available for Canadian players only.

74 Responses to LEGO Friends!

  1. webkinzqueen says:

    The two outfits are cool.wish could do other clothes to.We are getting a snow storm but no onne knews how much.Have a great thanksgiveing day.I knew 2 things want for christmas is a new dell tablet and rainbow loom kit.That all want.Go webkinz.

  2. NatyMary says:

    I have 13 Mia’s clothes and 15 Stephanie’s clothes Lol xd

  3. True2MyWord1 says:

    Good luck to everyone! I wonder why people haven’t seen them yet…

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