Let’s Build A Chocolate Shop!


Michael shows us how to build a Chocolate Shop using the prizes from next month’s Collection Event in Webkinz World! Collect Valentines throughout February from your Map of Kinzville. If you manage to collect all 50 you’ll earn all 5 prizes that Michael showcases in this video:



Don’t forget to collect Valentines from your Map of Kinzville throughout February. You can reach your map using the THINGS TO DO MENU.


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Create your own room design videos and upload them to YouTube… you never know, we may post your video right here on Webkinz Newz! Just make sure you email the link to letsbuild@ganz.com so we can find them.


Have you ever completed a Collection Event more than once? Are you looking forward to collecting Valentines? Please leave your comments below…


72 Responses to Let’s Build A Chocolate Shop!

  1. hammychina says:

    awesome love the prizes this year I have collected all 5 prizes and the dispenser and made a chocolate shop like this one only I made it my own and instead of using a poster I made the back wall behind the cash register I made a storage room

  2. seaotterfall says:

    Ice cream shop anyone?

  3. NMKID4527 says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Best one yet! Great job Michael!

  4. Love49kin says:

    I like your last picture, anyway…I am so excited for Feb! Webkinz is so AWESOME! But lately I’ve been busy with school. I really hope I can do all these fun things in Webkinz World this month:) ♥Love49kin♥

  5. Chocolate55 says:

    I’m on daily, (or mostly) and my username is chocolate28062806

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