Let’s Build: a Flower Garden!


Hey guys, I’m back with another Let’s Build video! This time I build a Flower Garden using items from this year’s Flower Collection event:



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53 Responses to Let’s Build: a Flower Garden!

  1. fuzzelmo says:

    i love all of your videos Michael. i always try to build the rooms after I’ve seen you do them. :)

  2. hollow79 says:

    i think its real pretty! although the fireplace and grill look small compared to the chairs

  3. 6tammy7 says:

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone has a extra 9 years old slice of cake…..in return I will give you a 10000 coin you can sell and a superbed box & a viking helmet…..my user name is 6pinkie7 Thanks, everyone

    • alaska267 says:

      Hey 6tammy7! You should go to the Trading Forums if you want something. There are tons of awesome people there who can help you find what you want! Good luck!

  4. 1Emerald1 says:

    I love Webkinz gardens! Nice job, Michael.

  5. SignatureIsland says:

    The video was blurry for me. Couldn’t tell what he was doing.

  6. peaceandlove says:

    I love it! Thank you Michael!

  7. loveheartmommy22 says:

    its very busy and expensive but its cute

    • Eilish says:

      loveheartmommy22…Something I do to cut down on cost is, (there’s a perfect example in this flower garden), When you can’t really see all of the stone pathway, such as the ones under some items or are hidden behind trees etc., buy fewer of that item. This garden will look just as great without placing stone tiles where they can’t be seen. If, at some point later, you want to fill the garden with the stones, (when you get lots of kinzcash), just buy more. But I bet you’ll forget that you have bare spaces behind those trees. Beautiful garden, by the way.

  8. olafcarl says:

    What a perfect room design for spring! I can’t wait to get all the items from the flower collection and build my own patio! ☺§

  9. Pokekinz says:

    Ooooh, I’ll be building this one! I’ll probably switch it up a bit, but this is really very nice. I can just imagine a little tea party going on here….

    • monkeyfun15 says:

      Wow! Great job Michael! :D

    • lol12345 says:

      I love it! Great job Micheal! I’m definitely building this one, but it’s going to be a bit different because I don’t have all those items. Oh well it’s perfect for spring!:)

    • TennesseeFrogs2 says:

      As usual, i’m very impressed with Michael’s design. The only thing i would change is, i wouldn’t put in the birdbath or pink tree. They just crowded it a little too much. But i really really like the flower collection items except the chair is a little too big for that table.

      • NMKID4527 says:

        I think this is the best Let’s Build Video you have made, Michael! It’s so cool! And guess what? You’re goal to inspire us to do the flower collection worked! Well, on me at least. I haven’t worked on it yet but I hope to do that soon! Thanks, Michael!

  10. dlong2014 says:

    Great garden. It has lots of great ideas to use. Thanks Michael.

    • bullseyejingles444 says:

      Hey Michael, quick question! The flower tile that is part of the flower collection: do you know what the dimensions are? (I’m doing some room planning ;) ) Beautiful room design, by the way! :D

    • rachel1179 says:

      Hi! Gennelle Webkinz, i was thinking, you know when you talk to other pets in the club house, well you can’t type what you want to say so i can’t ask other people what i want to trade for. i would really like if you could change that maybe?

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