Let’s Build: a Flower Garden!


Hey guys, I’m back with another Let’s Build video! This time I build a Flower Garden using items from this year’s Flower Collection event:



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What room would you like to see me build next? Please leave your comments below…


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53 Responses to Let’s Build: a Flower Garden!

  1. morris64 says:

    I Love the water falls. I will put it in my garden.

  2. debenett123 says:

    HELP HELP HELP ikeep getting disconected from webkinz right after i logein for at least 15hours now . all the other kids (at the same computer) donot have that problem can you fix that by the way i have things floating all around the house too momtime59

  3. chattyb says:

    Wow, Michael, your videos always blow me away! I have one quick question: my “adopt a pet” thing on the mobile app on my tablet is not working. Can you help with that possibly? Aside from that, I love your videos. I check Webkinz Newz every day, looking forward to seeing the newest Let’s Build videos. Thanks for the hard work (and Kinzcash) you put into these!

  4. PEBBLES1973 says:

    I can’t decide between using a yard or treetop room for the new garden theme. I’m thinking about using it in a treetop room.

  5. oudoll2 says:

    Beautiful work! You really do have a great eye for detail. Thanks so much for these videos and for your hard work.

  6. Fox_Snacks says:

    Great ideas! Thanks Michael!

  7. tttvvv says:

    Always love these videos! This is definitely something I’ll have to try out!

  8. essagirl2 says:

    Wow! I didn’t know the crystal falls were so beautiful! Thanks michael :)

  9. alaska267 says:

    Woah! Awesome, Michael! As usual!

  10. alonnia_01 says:

    i like everything about your Garden Michael EXECPT TO me the ZEN Guarden is out of place in this type of back yard Garden ,It’s too busy , I would replace that Zen Garden with a pretty Trellis or move the tree to that corner and add more flowers around it , And your Fireplace is way to close to your pets table and chairs , other that that Great job, I will email you a couple ive done :)

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