Let’s Build a Freaky Forest


Hey Guys, I’m back with another Let’s Build video! In this video, I build a Freaky Forest using mostly items from this year’s Halloween theme. The Freaky Forest theme will be on sale in the W-Shop from October 1 – 31:



Remember, you can pick up last year’s Halloween theme in the Mobile Zone section of the W-Shop on the Webkinz Mobile App. It will be available from October 1 – 31.


The Webkinz Mobile Pet app is now available for FREE on iTunes* … and on the Google Play Store**


Thanks for watching! Please feel free to share your Freaky Forest ideas in the comments section below…


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80 Responses to Let’s Build a Freaky Forest

  1. puppy01 says:

    Dear Michael Webkinz what is your username

  2. buddyrudy3 says:

    Where did he get the cave? It is not in the W shop.

  3. karenobc7441 says:

    I absolutely love this room! I cannot find the wallpaper or the endangered red panda in the WShop yet – will it be available? Or do I need to look somewhere else? Must have the wallpaper – it really makes the room!

  4. doggie1217 says:

    I love this! its too bad i don’t have access to any foresty wall papers… its cool that they use different pieces in the room but it would be even better if they were all things that were available to all the players… speaking of, does anyone have an extra spooky foresty-type wall paper? If you do my username is kiwi1871. Let me know what you want in return (including mobile zone)

  5. megamom12 says:

    My grandson loves to watch all of the videos with me so we watched this one today. I am definitely going to have to expand Spook Park to be able to put all of the new idea into play. :) The new challenge prize is going to really add to the whole effect. I have NEVER been this excited about a Halloween build before.

  6. wilddfire says:

    Michael or can someone please tell me how to take a screen shot of my rooms, i’m fairly new to the computer world, and i don’t know how to do this.. Thank you

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      Hi wilddfire, I’m using Firefox on a MAC & the way I take a screenshot is: Press Command, Shift & the number 4 at the same time. The cursor will change from an arrow to a plus sign with a circle in the middle of it. Move the new cursor to the top left corner of where you want your screen shot to begin, press your mouse & keep pressing as you drag it across & down the screen until you see everything you want in your shot within the outline which the cursor will create. When you let up on the mouse, the screen shot will be taken & it will show somewhere up on your desktop. Double click on the small screen shot to enlarge it so you can check it. To add text to your picture, look at the grey bar above the screenshot, click Annotate, then you’ll see some more icons below that row. Click the one that looks like Aa in a little box. The cursor will turn into a plus sign. Put the cursor where you want to add the text & drag down & sideways until you see the box that will hold your words, then type in what you want to say. When it’s all to your liking, click File at the very top left of your computer screen, then Save a Version. The saved version with the text will appear on your desktop. I then move my finished screenshots into a file named Webkinz Rooms, ready to email to Michael. I sure hope I explained this well enough. I was lucky to have teenagers in the house to explain it to me. Good luck!!!

  7. betsey2u says:

    i love your ideas Michael! I cant wait to build a outdoor halloween room like this! Only I have to add a few grave yards! with ghosts coming out of them and a stove cauldron! ohhhhhhhhhhhhh dats scary!

  8. emperorvondog says:

    I can’t wait until it comes out! I hope those cool grass tiles and creek tiles aren’t Deluxe! The Toadstool ones are, sadly, but thankfully most of the theme is for full members and Deluxe members. I might out this theme in my yard.

  9. Racoon6000 says:

    Hey Micheal, great video and build! Also, thanks for all the news and updates.

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