Let’s Build: A Haunted Graveyard!


Michael is back with a new Let’s Build video! This time he shows us how to build your own Haunted Graveyard and Haunted Kid’s Bedroom all just in time for Halloween!



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82 Responses to Let’s Build: A Haunted Graveyard!

  1. Calicocat67 says:

    I love these vids there so cool! Can you make more and more Podkinz?

  2. webkinzrocker1 says:

    i meant love. Sorry! :0

  3. webkinzrocker1 says:

    nice job Michel, you really out did yourself! cool video P.S. Thx for putting ths on webkinz newz. Lovw webkinzrocker1

  4. sxa1839 says:

    I saw a ghost webkinz in the kids bedroom

  5. webkinzcupcakes2014 says:

    WOW, you’re good at making rooms!! : )

  6. molly1 says:

    you could also make a gym room, or a gymnastics room, OOH maybe webkinz can make gymnastics theme in the w shop, i can’t wait to see if you do one of those, but your ideas are great to!

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