Let’s Build: A TV Studio!


Hey guys, I’m back with another Let’s Build video. This time I build 2 different TV Studio rooms inspired by the Webkinz Newz Camera, a new Exclusive item we recently released:



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Have a screen shot of a favorite room you’d like to share? Send it to me by emailing it to letsbuild@ganz.com . We might feature it right here on Webkinz Newz!


What room would you like to see me build next? Please leave your comments below…


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67 Responses to Let’s Build: A TV Studio!

  1. tigerboy9 says:

    this is cool can I be your co derector

  2. coby1308 says:

    a party room would be cool

  3. Droom13 says:

    I really like these Let’s Build videos. So many great ideas! Thanks for making them. I forgot how cool those rockerz items are.

  4. torahgirl101 says:


  5. 1a2s3d4 says:

    Wow, the camera turns 8 ways? Thats a first in Webkinz

  6. Darth_Awesome says:

    This is unrelated but I continue trying to purchase a underwater room but the buy it button still says it is deluxe only. Will someone please fix this? Thank you!-Warrior cats rule

  7. lilypugrulestoo says:

    Very Cool!….

  8. katlovesanimals says:

    Dear Genelle, I have not been on webkinz in a very long time I have been wondering why you don’t have typing chat. That has been the reason I have not been on. Other games you can say anything you want.

  9. csdlutter34 says:

    He should make a valentines day room.! <3

  10. SunbrightDestinygirl says:

    Cool!! I’ll need to build it… :D !!!

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