Let’s Build: Dr. Quack’s Clinic

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Michael shows us how to build a room inspired by Dr. Quack’s Clinic and challenges us to send ideas as to what type of room you would like to see him build next!


Create your own room design videos and upload them to YouTube… you never know, we may post your video right here on Webkinz Newz! Just make sure you use “Webkinz Room Design” in your title so they are easy to find.


Do you like this room design? How would you design it differently? What kind of room would you like to see Michael build next? Leave your comments below…


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241 Responses to Let’s Build: Dr. Quack’s Clinic

  1. PYRFTHG says:

    you inspire me so much all your videos give me ideas thanks so much

  2. granmabear says:

    I need a parking lot please……

  3. MittensCat says:

    Micheal, I have a idea for one of your next room designs maybe make a spree mall. Thanks!

  4. webkinz010304 says:

    you should make a webkinz clinic room theme!!

  5. cmsrockz1 says:

    I have rooms that i have put on share center but they do not show on the gallery . cmsrockz

  6. webkinzrocker1 says:

    i’m speechless. THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO EVER!! Michel, you should do a cafe’ just like daisy’s diner. That would really help. Love, webkinzrocker1

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