Let’s Draw: A Zingoz!

Maurizio is back with another Let’s Draw! Grab a pen and sketch along with him as he draws a fun-loving Zingoz!



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59 Responses to Let’s Draw: A Zingoz!

  1. katm says:

    Woooo Hoooooo! I am celebrating too. I am celebrating how much better I can draw now since you have been teaching us. thanks!

  2. charlotte622 says:

    That drawing is absolutely amazing! You should draw a cow next. Maybe even a rockers cow, I’d love to see that!

  3. CatHeart says:

    That is REALLY good! Nice job, Mauizio!

  4. CatHeart says:

    Draw a Signature Timber Wolf or a reindeer ( I know you are not xD )

  5. panda6884 says:

    faithglitterkinz that happend before but my pet would eat but not be happy.

  6. kikijackjack says:

    I hope next he can draw something like a phoenix!!! That would be so cool!!!

  7. Droom13 says:

    I love these Let’s Draw videos! They are so creative. Thanks!

  8. chaseywayz says:

    You are a artist , keep up the good work u are awesome!!!!!

  9. Ndume2004 says:

    Love this video. Zingoz are my favourite. I knew it would be pretty easy to draw him freehand, but watching the video gave me some great tips. Always entertaining.

  10. Sparrow221 says:

    these are awesome.. PLEASE do many more…. Possibly a character (Miss Birdy, Penelope, Doctor Quack, etc) series.

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