Let’s Play: A Daily Quest!

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Deluxe Members can play a daily quest each day they visit the Adventure Park! Here’s a look at what it’s like to go on one of these quick quests.


Not a Deluxe Member yet?  Have a parent visit the Ganz eStore to upgrade your account!


Have you ever been on a Daily Quest in the Adventure Park? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. cockerspaniel23 says:

    i dont know adveter park

  2. chantal101234 says:

    If your looking for some feed back on the mini quests in Adventure Park, I have some lol!!! I love the mini quests don’t get me wrong, but I have been a member since 2009 and the prizes have always been the same thing!!! :( I know there are lots of different prizes to be won but, I have soooooooo many of the crystal flowers, mushrooms, cave paintings, and the underwater direction signs ( I think you get my point). I would love to see some new mini quest prizes is what I am saying :) :) :) I think it would help bring back some attention to Adventure Park mini quests :) :) :) Thanks for letting me make a comment about this <3

  3. markg97 says:

    Hi Steve, Thank You for the Daily Quest video I go their once in awhile (if I fell adventurous that day) but I was wondering what’s the name of your Webkinz Monkey (just curious?) See you around W.W.

  4. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    I have an adventure park pet, it’s a husky! We went to a yard sale once and I found a webkinz code in the bottom of the box, we asked the people if they knew if it had ever been used and they said that their daughter just collected the plushes and never used the codes. we asked how much and they said I could just have it! :) I didn’t even know it was an adventure park pet at the time! I named her Sasha. Also, does anyone know what the compass icon is for in the adventure park? I click on it and it shows a tree with all the kinz around it and the an arrow/x off to the side. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT’S FOR THOUGH! can somebody please help? that would be great thanks!

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