Lil Otter Pup Community Challenge!

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  1. Papaya1212 says:

    Did we get Crafty Kimmy’s Work Station?

  2. aflou says:

    How do I find the code? I participated in the challenges, but I can’t find the codes

  3. KittyXCat says:

    Omg, I have been trying to get old playground items for FOREVER! :D

  4. lilypugrulestoo says:

    yeah for the cupcake display….I like new things

  5. ALI4499 says:

    This is so generous!!

  6. KSC says:

    Another fun Community Challenge! Good luck everyone!

  7. orangewing2020 says:

    Can someone please explain what they mean by “make 30,000 recipes?”

  8. kaye10 says:

    yay one new prize! thanks :) best, k.

  9. Animalgirl4eva_ says:

    Do you have to do it to get it? or if everyone else does it; but you don’t, do you still get it?

    • allig8rgirl says:

      You get them as long as everyone else does them.

    • mochidochi says:

      Yes, they put the code for the prize here on Webkinz Newz and everyone can use it. Just go to the Code Shop.

    • sadie1998 says:

      It’s a community challenge. You don’t have to do it all by yourself, nor do you have to participate at all. If on that day, enough players participate to meet the goal, then a code is released the next day on Webkinz Newz for everyone to use (regardless if you participated or not). Although, I will say, the community would appreciate it if everyone who was able to did participate. It makes it easier that way. I will play a few rounds of the arcade games, buy one or two of the items from the Wshop, etc. I do as much as I’m able to. If everyone just assumes someone else will do it, no one will.

    • SaxPianoNerd says:

      You don’t have to do it to get it, but if you have the chance, it would be nice for you to help because not every Webkinz player will. However, the last community challenge was completed entirely and all the codes were given away for the prizes.

  10. Unikitty16 says:

    I want them now

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