List View for Pets in Webkinz Next!

Want an at a glance view of all your pets? It’s an easy way to see which pets need their hearts filled and how many growth moments your babies and kids have had, and you can organize your pets!

Just click on the List View button to switch to the List View!

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

8 Responses to List View for Pets in Webkinz Next!

  1. Rachelgirl says:

    talking about hearts filled: It would be soooooooo great if we could fill our pets’ hearts without having to wait for their requests! it takes AGES when you have more than one pet. Please change it to the way we can do it in Webkinz classic.

    • marcblack21 says:

      Oh, yes, please!!! I would love to adopt more pets, but as long as I have to wait for their requests to make them happy, I won’t. I have more than 30 pets on Webkinz Classic, but it takes me longer to make 2 pets happy on Webkinz next. Especially, on some days, when their hearts are down to 50% even though I made them happy the day before.

  2. GoGanz24 says:

    The article says “It’s an easy way to see which pets need their hearts filled”. I have to disagree with that. This new way shows the growth meters of the children, not their hearts. You have to actually change to the kid to see if they had their heart filled that day; the old “My pet” area showed the hearts for all of the kids and adults. Now, like in your above picture only adults or children with completely full growth meters show the hearts. Also the old “My Pets” had a wonderful search box. I was able to type in my pet’s name or even species and greatly narrow down the results. Sometimes I like to count how many of each animal type I have and used to be able to type in frog and see only frogs. Now I have to dig though 328 pets to see that I have 28 frogs, which means that I had to look at 300 other animals scattered in-between instead of just having the six pages with five frogs each show up nicely all together in a row. Also, I was so excited to see tabs that separated the ages of the pets. I could finally get to my babies without clicking past more than 300 pets. That excitement quickly left when I discovered that the only way to check on the special features of the babies is still though the pet view mode. So now I have to click, and click, and click forever just to get to my newest family members to re-marvel at their special features. Having 328 pets already (329 by the time this comment gets posted, and plans for a new baby everyday for the rest of the year), I’m going to resort to begging. Please, please, PLEASE bring back the search tool for the “My Pets” area. Please. Thank you!

  3. kandykinz says:

    I love all of these features in Webkinz Next! Amazing! Sally, I have a glitch on my account since I opened it in October. When I adopted the yorkie, instead of one being added to my account, 7 were. I only want one. Who can I contact regarding this issue? Thanks in advance.

  4. twdfan says:

    What is the baby daycare thing

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