Look for the Leprechaun Ads!

From March 9th to 17th, the Leprechaun is hiding in ads around Webkinz World! And you could get lucky if you find the ads and click on them to earn Community Codes for awesome prizes – including a Golden Elm Sapling that you can customize yourself! Every day there is a different ad with a different prize so you have to be sure to visit Webkinz World every day to collect all nine!


Here is the schedule for the ads:


March 9:


March 10:


March 11:


March 12:


March 13:


March 14:


March 15:


March 16:


March 17:



Be sure to visit Webkinz World every day between March 9 and 17 to make sure you collect all the prizes!

445 Responses to Look for the Leprechaun Ads!

  1. Ajoy65 says:

    I missed out on getting the March 13 ad prize. The Diamond and Club chair. I searched all day and didn’t see the ad. That’s the only one I didn’t find. Hopefully, it will come up as a prize again in the future. Thanks ganz for the great prizes.

  2. Debbie says:

    I wasn’t able to find the topiary prizes for the 15th and 16th and was on most of the day, then today’s the 17th never found that prize nor did I see it’s FOUND IT ad. Though I would like to say thank you for posting many of the one from earlier in the week. I was finally able to get a topiary at like midnight on the dot, then after which kept seeing the floating boxes but when clicked on would get nothing. I really am sad to have not found the one that was for 17th St. Patrick’s day (the sapling it looks to be). I see that I’m not alone in NOT Finding it anyplace. However I kept seeing many new ads so I’m thinking they over took it.

  3. Pooba54 says:

    why does my post never get posted?

  4. ib2feisty says:

    UGH!!! What happened to the ads. I found the first 2 days and then NOTHING

  5. jr312 says:

    haven’t found march 16th either hopefully can find the 17th ad today

  6. Nineczka says:

    Today I`m looking over 2 h and noting only find this ads

  7. jaxmom9960 says:

    I am getting all the other adds but not the one that says I found the code! It has worked every day but today. Has ANYONE found the code add for Friday? Can we get it sent to our emails or on here because something is messed up. I hope I get the sapling tomorrow.

  8. Warden says:

    Name is warden1964. I have been online off and on, for almost 12 hours and I have yet to see the “found it”! It’s the last one, and I don’t want to miss it! Every other day, you could find it after the first hour, but now? What’s happening? Help us!

  9. lajinx says:

    OK I have been on for 8 days now and only found the 1st days prize. I have been on this site everyday and I don’t think I’m the only one having problems . So why hasn’t anybody from Ganz said anything about this problem? Do they have any idea how many hours I have spent looking for ads that aren’t there!!

  10. ImPoisoniv31 says:

    Still nothing, only worked the first two days. How sad!!!

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