UPDATE: We found the Lil’ Polka Back Fish!!!

We found the elusive Polka Back Fish! It’s swimming around Webkinz World so be sure to look for it until July 12! And remember – we will be running the Lil Polka Back Floaty Clicky again from August 2 to 4, so you will have more chances to find these awesome prizes.




Remember – we’re trying to spot some adorable little fish this month! From July 8 to 12 look for the Lil Polka Back Fish floating through Webkinz World and the Mobile App. Click on it to get a cool prize sent to your Webkinz account! Free and full users can spot this Lil’ Fish three times a day, while Deluxe users can spot it up to 5 times! You can also look for the Lil Polka Back Fish at Ganz eStore – on sale right now for 25% off!


148 Responses to UPDATE: We found the Lil’ Polka Back Fish!!!

  1. crosbywife says:

    Got all of these items! I love the boat/couch!

  2. itsmecarlk says:

    Wow, the couch must be extremely rare because I could never find it :(

  3. julieperkins says:

    i’ve got all but the couch.

  4. 1955tiny says:

    Is it possible to get a few TOPS to this outfit ?

  5. webkinz04 says:

    I already have all these items! They are awesome!

  6. qeynos says:

    I got the little fish, but I am still missing my magic W and the videos in the watch and win room in the club house. Anyone else missing these or was there an announcement that I missed on these?

    • dixiecup says:

      The Magic W will be back in August and it will have MEDALLIONS in them! So, no Magic W this month and I think the videos are disabled. But all in all, I think we are getting some pretty awesome gifts with all the activities this month ;)

    • motherk says:

      The Magic W is missing on purpose, will return next month with pet medallions, as I understand it. The videos in the watch and win room didn’t work for us either, so must be a glitch.

    • ImaPepper says:

      Yes, qeynos–I haven’t seen a Magic W or been able to watch videos in the Clubhouse, either. I figured it had something to do with the new pet medallions being part of the Magic W prize pool; but I don’t know why the Watch-n-Win room isn’t working. I haven’t seen an announcement, but things will probably be working again soon.

      • ImaPepper says:

        Just saw a comment from another player in this thread about the Magic W. Sally Webkinz answered the question. The Magic W will be back August 1, and will be awarding pet medallions as part of the prize pool.

    • kitterztoo says:

      It was mentioned somewhere that the floating W was going to have different items, so I’m sure it was pulled until the new items are programmed. I believe it might have been mentioned in the first announcement of more medallions to be won. I have no idea about the vids as I use an ad blocker sometimes.

    • qeynos says:

      Thank you all for your answers, you were very kind and helpful.

  7. megamom12 says:

    I’ve been so busy with extra hours at work, I’ve only found it one time! I did get the mask though.

  8. frodo says:

    It figures I will be away and not be able to use a puter from Aug 2 – 4!!

    • Penny_Opera says:

      You can use you tablet or smart phone, too. I’m assuming you are trying to abbreviate PC by calling it a ‘puter?’

      • 1955tiny says:

        My tablet broke but my phone you can only do a few things on . PUTER easier that’s for sure good luck peeps. In worst case busy weeks do only the things that matter the most . You can’t do everything your only human ! So forgive your self and enjoy what you can .

        • Penny_Opera says:

          Yes, but at least you can catch the fishies on the phone, right? That is more what you were after, anyway. I know it’s limited, but if you go to the arcade and play a round of Goobers and then maybe a quick Dogbeard, you can coax out a fish or two ;)

  9. Scorpio says:

    Just want to say thanks to Webkinz and Ganz for all your hard work in keeping us in our Webkinz World with the games, activities, contests and events, it is much appreciated!!

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