Look for the new Loot Bag Prizes!


Every time you host a party, you and your guests will receive their very own Loot Bag during the last 5 minutes of the event. Each bag is filled with 3 unique prizes that your pets will love! Look for the Cardboard Crown, Paper Tiara and yummy Cotton Candy… 3 NEW prizes ONLY available from parties. Visit the Party Packs section of the WShop and set up a party for your pet.

22 Responses to Look for the new Loot Bag Prizes!

  1. cleanslate says:

    I still have the “retired” prizes too. It be nice to know when the new prizes will be available!!

  2. duckyjk says:

    Still no new loot bag prizes after yesterday’s update. Please provide us some newz about when these might actually really be added.

  3. hiphopten says:

    Anyone see the new prizes yet?

  4. bc2 says:

    I wonder if they will ever really add these new items.

  5. hiphopten says:

    Still nothing new. :( Hope the three new prizes are added before the holiday weekend.

  6. pocketsroo says:

    Will you please make another announcement when they are available in webkinz world ? Thanks…much appreciated.

  7. pocketsroo says:

    Please fix this…or at least not advertise something that doesn’t work

  8. pocketsroo says:

    I am tired of wasting loot bags. I have been patiently waiting and it wasn’t fixed with today’s update. It has been Months since it has been brought to there attention. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ACTUALLY RETIRE THE ONES YOU CLAIMED TO DO MONTHS AGO??

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